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Gwen Tennyosn
Gwen (Earth-126).png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Keysville
Age 11
Affiliations Tennyson Family
Powers and Abilities
Relatives Natalie Tennyson
Frank Tennyson
Ken Tennyson
Max Tennyson
Sandra Tennyson
Carl Tennyson
Ben Tennyson
Sunny Tennyson
Aliases Lucky Girl
Voice Actor any volunteers?

Gwen Tennyson is a character in A Hero of 10; Rebooted. She is a Human from the planet Earth.


She is a classic redhead with green and freckles on her face. she has her bangs clipped to the side with a white hair clip.

Gwen wears a dark blue shirt with a short-sleeved light blue shirt over it that has a cat face silhouette on it, she has white shorts and blue shoes with blue and white striped socks.


She is a bright and critical thinker, with headstrong energy and charisma.

Powers and Abilities

She has some well-rounded skillsets. She takes karate and is the top of her class. She seems to be more of the brains of her family out of her brother and cousins.


She has an allergy to peanuts.




  • Natalie Tennyson, her caring and loving mother.
  • Frank Tennyson, her caring and loving father.
  • Ken Tennyson, her older brother who is attending college.
  • Max Tennyson, her grandfather that seems to spend a lot of time with her cousin Ben.
  • Sandra Tennyson, her aunt.
  • Carl Tennyson, her uncle.
  • Ben Tennyson, her cousin that seems to an attention hog.
  • Sunny Tennyson, her bratty cousin that seems to get away with everything.


  • Azlin Jones, her friend even though she is best friends with her cousin Ben.
  • Theodore Leclair, a friend and academic rival.
  • Emilia Rose Jones, a girl who is too dark and morbid to even have friends at all/
  • Cooper, a kid in her class that seems to have a crush on her

Love Interests

  • Miguel Blackheart, a rock-pop sensation that many girls have a crush on.
  • Kevin E. Levin, something about him attracts her.



  • Appearance 1
  • Appearance 2
  • Etc.


  • She loves comics and graphic novels.
  • She has her own alias of Lucky Girl to fight crime in her home town.