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Gwen Levin-Tennyson


1/2 Human 1/2 Anodite

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Ben 10,000 Rises

Gwen Levin-Tennyson is a half-human half-Anodite from Earth in Ben 10,000 Rises. She fights crime with her Anodite powers and her cousin Ben and her boyfriend Kevin.


Gwen, in this series, has the head of AUF Gwen, and the body of Gwen from Ben 10,000.

Abilities and Powers[]

Gwen is an Anodite with the Spark, which means that she can use her Anodite powers. This includes using her powers to fire mana blasts, but also to create objects like shields, bridges and platforms. She can use her Anodite powers to perform spells and echantments. Also, she can use her powers to become a full Anodite, but she riskes her humanity when she does this. She also possesses the Charms of Bezel, which power her magic to the level of the Ledger Domain.

Ben 10,000 Rises[]

In Ben 10,000 Rises, Gwen and Kevin are married, although Kevin isn't quite ready to settle down. Kevin rarely mentions the marriage, and unlike Gwen, is not quite ready for kids. Gwen, however, wants kids more then anything, and constantly bugs Kevin about it.


  • Gwen doesn't have earrings, like she does in Ben 10,000.