Born on December 27th 1995 Gwen originally lived in Bellwood until age 6, when her parents moved into New York City so she could go to a better school. She gained a slight superiority complex towards her cousin Ben because of this. Her older brother Ken as well as her parents would try and get Gwen to become friendly with Ben.

This lead to a summer vacation at age 10 where Ben discovered the Omnitrix and Gwen discovered she could manipulate magic. Over the summer, they gained a minor bond and respect. This would increase when their enemy Kevin Levin temporarily paralyzed her and they both realized how much they meant to each other.

At age 13 after moving to Bellwood to be closer to Ben and training in her magic over the course of a few summers, she would be captured by the Forever Knights who revealed to her that she was partially an Anodite. Her grandfather would tell her that her grandmother was a full fledged Anodite.

By the time Ben got the Omnitrix back, Gwen had mastered martial arts and became adept at her magic and mana abilities. This would come in handy when she fought newer and stronger enemies.

Over this time, she met with Kevin again and the two developed a somewhat romantic relationship, eventually dating. Gwen would have a minor falling out with Ben as his attitude changed to a more darker one. The two would come around again, Gwen hiding the fact that she applied to an Ivy League School.

Behind The Scenes

  • Anodite abilities spread to Gwen and not to Ben or anybody else because females have a higher chance than males if their is only partial heritage to be found.
  • Gwen and Kevin's relationship was established in a time skip that will be filled in in a spinoff.
  • Gwen is much softer to Ben then she is in the OS.
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