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Gwen Tennyson
General Information
Species Anodite (genetically Human)
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood/The Omnitrix City
Age 10 (Ben 10)
11 (Ben 10 Omniverse Flashbacks)
15 (Ben 10 Alien Force)
16 (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and Ben 10 Omniverse)
20 (Ben 10,000 Flashbacks)
30 (Ben 10,000)
Affiliations Ben's Team (Formerly)
B10K's Team
The Plumbers
Occupations Hero
The Magic Leader of Bellwood/The Omnitrix City
The Magics Protector
The Universe Protector
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mana Manipulation
Mana Absorption
Mana Detection
Mana Field
Portal Creation
Dimensional Travel
Object Creation
Object Dissipation
Anodite Transformation
Elemental Manipulation
Astral Projection
Expert Martial Artistry
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Flight (Anodite Form)
Size Alteration (Anodite Form)
Equipment Charm of Telekinesis
Staff of Ages
Charmcaster's Bag (formerly)
Relatives Ben Tennyson (cousin)
Max Tennyson (grandfather)
Carl Tennyson (uncle)
Sandra Tennyson (aunt)
Frank Tennyson (father)
Natalie Tennyson (mother)
Verdona (grandmother)
Gordon Tennyson (grand-uncle)
Betty Jean Tennyson (grand-aunt)
Vera Tennyson (grand-aunt)
Ben (great-great-grandfather)
Jedediah Tennyson (great-grand-uncle)
Kenneth Tennyson (cousin)
Sunny (cousin)
14 Necrofriggians (children as Big Chill)
Joel Tennyson (cousin once removed)
Clyde Fife (second cousin)
Lucy Mann (cousin-in-law)
Aliases Gwendolyn
Lucky Girl
Gwen Prime
Dr. Gwendolyn Tennyson (students)
Miss Tennyson
Dweeb (Ben)
My Girl/Baby/G/Babe/Pumpkin
Voice Actor Meagan Smith (10 and 15-16 years old)
Madelaine Petsch (20 year old)
Ashley Johnson (30 year old)
First Appearance [[And Then There Were 10 (Ben 10)

And Then There Were 10K (Ben 10,000)]]

Gwen Tennyson is a hero in Ben 10,000 (B10K). She first appeared in And Then There Were 10 in Ben 10 and Ben 10,000: And Then There Were 10K. She is an Anodite from the planet Earth.


Gwen's Descriptions

Gwen physical appearance has changed throughout the series from a ten-year-old to a sixteen-year-old. However, she retains some recurring characteristics. She used to have a short orange hair in OS, a long hair in the beginning of AF, a ponytail hair for the majority of UAF, and a short hair in OV, green eyes, pale skin, freckles in OV and she's quite skinny for his age (10) similar to Ben. When she grew older, it is evidently that she used to let her hair to grow, she used less makeup and she also began to use her glasses less due to having her fought with her enemies, and she were well built right after the event of Ben 10 Omniverse, but she also retain her famous green eyes, less freckles, and pale skin. At the time of Ben 10,000, Gwen is now more feminine well-built. She lost her freckles and her famous OV glasses although she wear her glasses as a professor. Her hair changed from a long hair to a well short hair that has bangs on the front. She still have his pale skin and green eyes. Her Anodite form grew up from a slightly smaller but "mirrored" version of Verdona to having her clothes and glasses/mask to finally having her to return her original Anodite form but she retains her hair which turn into pink mana and having her cat belt to become pink mana as well.

Regular Appearances

Human Form

In the Ben 10,000 flashbacks, she retained her OV shirt and her UAF skirt as her leggings is now black with some pink highlights scattered around her leggings. As of the flashbacks, she began to use her glasses less and she now wear a necklace that say "GK" because Kevin gave her as a part of their 5 year anniversary of the relationship. Gwen now wear her belt that has a cat logo on the belt.

In Ben 10,000 (B10K), her appearance changed completely, Gwen now wear a blue and black spandex suit and the Charms of Bezel on her right arm with the belt that has a cat symbol which is now more of a pointer ears and eye pupils as the symbol return to the original design as it retains the gold eyes. She now use fingerless gloves that have half-blue and half-pink dots. Her shoes now have blue toes and outsoles. She also have earrings that is shaped as diamond and she also retain the necklace and an engagement ring as well.

Anodite Form

In the Ben 10,000 flashbacks, Gwen's Anodite form retains her flashbacks clothes as it is changing to blue mana and her hair is now pink mana. Her form is still the same.

In Ben 10,000 (B10K), Gwen's Anodite form finally having her to return her original Anodite form but she retains her hair which turn into pink mana and having her cat belt to become pink mana as well.

Special Appearances

According to Gwen, sometimes she is invited to special events like the President's dinner party which is confirmed in the seventh episode, she wear a custom-made dress that is designed to be a light and loosen for her to wear. Her dress is a whole pink dress with a cat symbol which is blue on the center of her dress. Her dress also have flowers that is on the side of the top of the dress. She also have a glasses that have blue shades. His hair is pixie cut which Gwen mentioned as a beautiful one and more comfortable hair when she's not fighting.

She have a pajamas that is whole pink with a blue slippers.

In the fourth episode, where Gwen and her team went to the beach, Ben used his beach swimsuit that is whole white with black stripes as simple. He also use his beach sandals which is blue.

Her battle suit - TBA


When she was younger, Gwen was an intelligent, mature but usually stubborn and smart-mouthed girl for example, when it came to talking with Ben. Gwen's quick thinking and good instincts give her an edge in dealing with dangerous situations. However, she's sometimes too trusting with people who want to exploit her good will, leading her (or others) into harm's way.

Over the years, when Gwen got older, she became even more mature, as well as becoming more caring and sympathetic. Her affection towards her cousin Ben, became more clear and more stronger than before as well.

Gwen is willing to forgive villains for their wrongdoings, the most notable being Kevin. According to Gwen, she believes they've changed for the better. Although her intelligence and knowledge have only increased since her time in OS, she's not completely free of her naivete, and she sometimes can be arrogant or not able to be reasonable at times as well.

Despite being far more mature and reasonable than Ben and Kevin, Gwen is somewhat hotheaded and can lose control of her mana if angered enough.

Gwen occasionally prioritizes things incorrectly,, seen when she put more importance on Ben arriving to Julie's tennis match on time than stopping the Forever Knights' armed robbery of a museum in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, in the episode, "Duped".

Throughout the B10K Flashbacks and the events of Ben 10,000 it is shown that Gwen is still mature, reasonable, and sympathetic. But she can be serious, hot-headed, smart-mouthed, humble, goofy, intelligent, use her strategy/tactics/operations through actions, reasons, and logics, creative, and caring. At times, she also keep her more busy when she's not fighting by working at her alma mater, Friedkin University as a professor which she mentioned as the best job ever that she had and it make her more happy and able to use her knowledge, experiences, and comfort to teach her students as well.


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