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Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson is the Human/Anodite cousin of Ben Tennyson who appears throughout the Alien Universe.


In Back in Action: Alien Universe, she is portrayed as having the same outfit from Ultimate Alien.


Gwen Tennyson is tough on her academia. For this reason, she attends Ivy League school Dwayne University in Blue Lake City, which she started attending at the age of 16. She is also dating Kevin Levin. At times, she has demonstrated she's an excellent problem solver even under pressure, such as when she found a way to beat Hurricane Vance in Can't Trust the Weather, Man by combining Dawn and Ben's transformations.

She very much wants to be heard and is big on communication in her relationships, primarily her romantic relationship with Kevin Levin.

Though she tries to suppress it, she can be quite snobbish, even under duress, such as when she corrected the plural form of Omnitrix (Omnitrices) in Malevolence while ready to faint.

Powers and Equipment[]

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This section is incomplete.

Gwen Tennyson also exists in canon. Unless otherwise stated, all related events, roughly up until the Omniverse Season 3 finale, happened unchanged.

Ben 10: Alien Universe[]

Back in Action: Alien Universe[]

  • In Infernosphere, she aids in the opening fight against Sii with Ben and Kevin.
  • In Limited, she had a surprise birthday party.
  • In Magikfest, she and Ben were taken to the Magikfest event on Earth by Verdona, where they encountered Charmcaster and met Chelsey Tennyson.
  • In The Alternative, she appeared in a flashback to when she was 12.
  • In Ledger Recon, in an effort to protect an invasion of Ledgerdomain by bounty hunter Dawn on orders from the Thep Khufan Armada, Gwen is killed.
  • In Ben 10: Alien Universe Unleashed, she is finally revived from a trade by Ben with the Safeguarding One of the Tritadagen Staff for all of those lost. She then attempts to save Julie, alongside the other magic users.
  • In Meet the Replacements, her college campus at Blue Lake City is seen for the first time as Ben dons the new Mark III Assault Omnitrix and joins her and Kevin for a fight against White Paramount.
  • In Leaked, she and Kevin had a falling out over some poor communication he used, and subsequently, his influence from Kevin 11,000 (that she was unaware of). They rekindled their relationship at the end.
  • In Can't Trust the Weather, Man, she was integral with the larger effort to hold back Hurricane Vance, coming up with the plan to combine Ben's and Dawn's transformations.
  • In Plight of Pinocchio, Charmcaster attacked her for stealing the bag her father had given her - which Gwen absolutely didn't do. She then fought the All-Powerful Eunice alongside Azmuth, Chelsey, Charmcaster, and Ben's Warrock.
  • In Maximum Slumber, she mind melds with Tack to witness who poisoned Max and the cadets, finding Khyber. This later turns out to have just been one of Tack's fears, an effect from the Feermodnum poison.
  • In Escalation, she is knocked out in the failed effort to save the Plumbers, aliens, and magic from being banned on Earth.
  • In Malevolence, she, Kevin, Mercedes, and Chelsey showed up at NVI towards the end to help stop the prison break.
  • In Never Set in Stone, the same group she came with chases Ben around the universe to prevent him from doing something he'll regret because of Future Ben's influence.

Seventeen in College[]


Ben 10: Alien Universe[]

Back in Action: Alien Universe[]


Seventeen in College[]

  • All episodes (main protagonist)

Alternate Counterparts[]

Also see Gwen 20

Gwen 10[]

  • There is a Gwen 10 that exists that found the Omnitrix when she was 10, and later when she was 15, put it back on after a break from it. This Gwen had experiences somewhat mirroring Ben 10's own.
  • An alternate version of Gwen 10 appeared where Ben had come from an alternate timeline to tell her that he was the rightful bearer of the Omnitrix.
  • In Gwen 10: Alien Force, an alternate Gwen appears, known as Gwen 10. She is the primary Gwen 10, and found the Omnitrix when she was 10 (not the same as the What If? version of Gwen 10, as in her timeline, Ben didn't know about the Omnitrix or get the Omnitrix first), and now when she was 15. The end of the episode split this into its own timeline. (This episode became about an alternate counterpart of Gwen 10.)

The Alternative Gwen[]

  • In The Alternative, an alternate version of Gwen was shown. She was aged 13 and the events of her life mirrored the standard Alien Universe one up until Vilgax came searching for the Omnitrix.
  • Using several spells, she was able to be a major source of aid in getting Ben to have Vilgax relinquish the Omnitrix (regardless, the Omnitrix was destroyed in place of being properly retrieved, leaving that timeline's Ben with a remodel of Azmuth's Mechamorph armor "Aggression"). One of her spells unlocked Nigester for that timeline's 13 year old Ben's Omnitrix (albeit, the Omnitrix is destroyed now).


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