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"Gwen 10 Returns Part 2" is the second episode of Ben 10: Peace in dimensions.


Ben and Albedo is sent to the black hole. Ben transforms into Ultimate Spidermonkey to swing out, and Albedo tries to transform into Goop to split away, but he is send trought the hole. Ben shoots at the hole as Upchuck. The black hole explodes, and Ben barely make it as Clockwork. He lands on a beach and he tries to contact his friends.

Ben feel himself lost. He is a alone in a unknown dimesion. He got a flashback over his life and see thats it was very good, but what happens wrong. Ben start to think what he do before he met Gwen 10. He was on a new trip with Grandpa Max and goes to a Mr. Smoothy shop and then he just was there.

Ben tries to call help from someone, but noboby answer. Misterousely, Gwen 10 shows up again and transform into Super AmpFibian. Ben wonder what "super" means. Ben uses Humungousaur to fight here, but she is too strong so Ben is defeated. Right before she was ready to kill him, Paradox shows up and saves his life. He dodge himself and Ben away from Gwen, and Ben uses Jet Ray to escape in the sky. Paradox sends he and Ben to a timeportal where Paradox tell what happend. He says that Eon traps him motionless inside a dreammachine. In that machine, Ben was sent to different dimensions. Ben wonder why he use a dreammachine and not just use his powers. Paradox answer "Because I can't'". He then reveals that he is Eon and he just use Paradox body to kidding with Ben. He sends Ben to the Null Void and follow him.


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Albedo


  • Gwen
  • Paradox

Aliens used[]

By Ben:

  • Ultimate Spidermonkey
  • Upchuck
  • Clockwork
  • Humungousaur
  • Jet Ray

By Albedo:

  • Goop

By Gwen:

  • Super AmpFibian (First appearence)


  • First appearence of Ultimate Spidermonkey, Jet Ray and Goop in "Ben 10: Peace in Dimensions". First appearence of Super AmpFibian in any series.
  • Albedo is presumed dead in this episode.
  • Gwen introduces the super activation of the Ultimatrix. Its unknown if Ben have the ability.
  • Ben have a flashback from mostly every previous episode.