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Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson is an alternate version of Gwen Tennyson who found the Omnitrix instead of Ben.


Gwen wears short hair, and doesn't wear glasses. Gwen uses her classic cat T-shirt with a 10 on the middle, with a pink jacket on top. She wears light blue jeans and blue shoes. She uses the recalibrated Omnitrix on her left wrist.


Gwen 10's personality is the same as her 15-year-old main timeline self.

Powers and Abilities

Gwen 10 possesses the Omnitrix, having been the one to discover it in her timeline. Through it, she can transform into various aliens and utilize their respective powers.

Gwen also is a capable gymnast and martial artist. Even in the original series, she was occasionally shown to be quite good in hand-to-hand combat fights against enemies who had normal strength levels. She was part of her school's Jujutsu team. At the age of fourteen it is revealed that she has already received a black belt in Taekwondo.

Accessible Aliens

  1. Ponyrash
  2. Pyronite
  3. Florauna
  4. Lepidopterran
  5. Tetramand
  6. Petrosapien
  7. Arburian Peralota
  8. Galvan
  9. Kineceleran
  10. Necrofriggian
  11. Polymorph
  12. Arachnichimp
  13. Sonorosian
  14. Vaxasaurian
  15. Cerebrocrustacean
  16. Aerophibian
  17. Appoplexian
  18. Methanosian
  19. Celestialsapien
  20. Nanochip
  21. Biosovortian
  22. Crystalsapien


Like the original Omnitrix, Gwen 10's Omnitrix times out after a few minutes and needs time to recharge before it can be used again.

Like other organic beings, Gwen 10 is vulnerable to being erased from existence by a Chronosapien Time Bomb.




  • Unlike Ben, Gwen doesn't name her aliens. Instead, she just uses the species' name.