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Gwen Tennyson
Gwen 100 DoB10.png
Art by Dio
General Information
Species Human
Age 15
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Dimension Gwen 10 Dimension
Affiliations Plumbers
Occupations Hero
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities DNA Alteration
DNA Reparation
Universal Translation
Equipment Prototype Omnitrix
Alias Gwen 10 (hero name)
Relatives Ben Tennyson (cousin)
Max Tennyson (Grandfather)
Alternate Counterparts Gwen Tennyson (Prime)
Gwen 10'000 (Future Self)
Gwen Delta
First Appearance Death of Ben 10
Last Appearance Death of Ben 10

Gwen 'Gwen 10' Tennyson is a hero in Death of Ben 10. She first appeared in the Prologue. She is a human from the planet Earth, and wields her dimensions version of the Prototype Omnitrix. She exists in the Gwen 10 Dimension of Earth-1010.


Gwen 10 appears like a 15 year old version of the Prime Timeline's Gwen, albeit with a slightly different wardrobe.

She has short orange hair, green eyes, pale skin, and wears generally blue clothing. She often wears some kind of dark blue cat insignia somewhere on her clothing.

She normally wears a dark blue jacket, however this was absent during Death of Ben 10.


Gwen is smart and confident, but also cautious when she needs to be. Her witty demeanour gives the impression that she doesn't take her work as a hero seriously, but she is actually one of the most serious Omnitrix wielders in Death of Ben 10.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Omnitrix wielders, she possesses the ability to transform into many different alien forms.

She is also somewhat of a bookworm and is very smart.


She first gained the Omnitrix in Yosemite park five years prior to the version of her seen in Death of Ben 10. She also first met Ben Prime around the same time, before helping out during the Eon Crisis.

Currently, she is fighting off the Highbreed invasion of Earth.

Death of Ben 10

Gwen 10 was shown defeating her version of Apollo in the Prologue. This took place several months before she was recruited to help fight Apollo Prime.

In Chapter 8 she was shown fighting off DNAliens with her Prypiatosian-B form. She was recruited by Professor Paradox to help save Ben Prime. She saved Ben Prime with her Florauna form in Chapter 11, then analysed his condition in Chapter 12 with her Cerebrocrustacean form.

She infiltrated the San Diego Ironworks alongside Mad Ben both by using their Pyronite forms.

She later helped defeat Ollopa and Ironclad Apollo Prime in Trials by Fire: Part 2 and DoB10 Chapter 17 respectively.


Death of Ben 10


  • Gwen 10 does not name her aliens, instead referring to them by their species names. Unlike her parallels, she only ever responds to her human name or current species name. Rarely some of her aliens might name themselves if they have the right personality.
  • Gwen normally wears her blue jacket, but under the circumstances that Professor Paradox collected her she forgot it.
  • Gwen 10 is Aaron's favourite parallel Omnitrix wielder.
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