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Guttlehog is a small, furry alien, around 1 foot tall. His body is covered in fur, brown over the body and limbs, white on the chest and belly, and his patch on his right ear. His tail ends in a black tuft.

His legs are muscular, enabling him to jump large distances, and bounce/hop like a kangaroo. He can balance on his tail.

His hands and feet end in sharp claws, enabling him to dig and climb any material, and are a great aid in fights. His large teeth enabling him to eat any material and he can swallow objects that would seem to large.

The omnimatrix symbol is on his belly/chest area.


Guttlehog's main power revolves around eating. When Guttlehog eats he begins to grow, He grows slowly as he eats meaning he needs to eat a fair amount to grow to maximum size. His maximum size is 10 foot tall. As he grows His strength and durability increases but not to a super level.

Guttlehog can climb and tunnel any material. 

Guttlehog's teeth and claws are large and sharp, and are very useful in a fight. He is brilliant at jumping and hopping meaning he can fight acrobatically.

Guttlehog has enhanced sight and hearing.


Guttlehog's main weakness is his inability to swallow laser blasts, missiles etc, (unlike upchuck.). Liquids do not cause any growth.

Guttlehog struggles to fit in any small spaces when he has grown.

Guttlehog cannot swim and is scared of fire.

Episode Appearances.

  • His species appears in the episode "An army marches on it's stomach. (pt 2.). "


  • Guttlehog's species, the pelegan , developed the growth ability to gain the advantage on their home planet, fourrure , and to help with their natural predators.
  • Guttlehog's species come in a variety of colours, though brown/white are the most common. However their eyes are always blue or yellow, never green unlike Ben.
  • Guttlehogs race do wear clothes, unlike ben as Guttlehog.
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