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Gummi Beah is a Smakisapien from Salki that is free to use.



Gummi Beah is really sticky and can climb walls with ease. He is also very rubbery, so he can bounce away and all around at amazing speeds. He can also make gummy snakes and worms that can wrap things up or use as a grappling rope. He also can create various gummy animals like sharks to ride away on. He can also make gummy globs that are sticky or slippery. He produces sugar, too. If he concentrates hard enough, he can sing the Gummy Bear Song and annoy people.


  • He is freakin' delicious!
  • He is very sugary, so he leaves behind a sugar trail, that an enemy can follow to find him.
  • Little kids love him and want to hug him, that slows him down.
  • He is flammable.