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Gumball 10: Meta Hero
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 15th March 2012
Written by Rex
Directed by Rex
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It first shows Highlights of Hero Generation, then shows Gumball running then shows the logo.


Gumball is with Darwin & Penny.

Gumball: So after that, we were meant to be some Meta Heroes! Also, I got the Technotrix!

Darwin: No wonder I could do this!

He arms changed to SmackHands!

Penny: This too!

Her mana was fully powered with some unknown energy!

Gumball: Azmuth told me that we must find the remaining 7 Meta Heroes all around the world! First stop: Elmore, USA. It says "This Meta Hero is a copy of the reader. He is now living in a torn-up street called 'Llabmug's Lair'."

Penny: It's... Llabmug! He the fourth one!

Darwin: Let's go, go, go!

Later on...

Llabmug: Why should I help you dorky kids?

Gumball: A threat called Nemesis is planning on killing all living things. We must stop him!

Llabmug: And how did this start?

Darwin: Well, I tripped over & saw a portal...

Penny: So we went in...

Gumball: And then, Nemesis was there. He wiped out us & escaped!

Llabmug: Fine. But I'm doing this for Penny!

Gumball transformed into Knuckles.

Knuckles: I will peel you like a grape.

Later on... In Tokyo......

Anais: I'm one too. My Meta Evolution is MANAIS.

Gumball: Why in caps?

Anais: 'Cause if it wasn't, it wouldn't be the same.

Gumball: Ok. Um. Coolio...

Meanwhile, Nemesis was in a different dimesion creating a son....

Nemesis: The Ultimate Son.. I call him RAGO!

Suddenly Rago came to life!

Rago: Must destroy Gumball Christopher Watterson.

Nemesis: Yes. You must.

Meanwhile at The Watterson House...

Gumball: So boring.... I wanna do something cool....

Rago: Battle me, Gumball!

Gumball: Okay! It's all or nothing!

He slammed the Technotrix & became, Muk!

Now it has settled, Gumball VS. Rago!Can Gumball become The True Meta Hero like Gumbuck, his ancestor? Stay Tuned!