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Growing Smaller
Season 6, Episode 1
Air date 5/13/2012
Written by Ahmad15
Directed by Ahmad15
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Primus (Ahmad 15)
Growing Smaller pt. 2

Growing Smaller pt. 1 is the first episode in Ahmad 15's sixth Season.


Ahmad as Four Arms and Stone Oussama were fighting SevenSeven. SevenSeven launched a bomb at Fouarms. Oussama launched two rocks at SevenSeven. SevenSeven held a Sword and continued fighting Oussama. Ousssama shaped his hand as a Sword. SevenSeve was interrupted by Fourarms.

Theme Song!

SevenSeven held a Crystal. The Crystal shined and everbody Paused. Oussama and Ahmad's Eye became Purple. Suddenly, their Clothes started to Be smaller showing normal-eyecolored 5 year old Oussama and Ahmad.

Ahmad: If I knew Swean- Swearing I could use it!

Sevenseven: tWassuphaxer!

Oussama: I'm sick of this, Ip- It's Tine- Time for... (sends Sevenseven to Null Void)

Ahmad: I thought I was the smallest hebo- Hero arround this makes a different record to the same Person!

Ahmad went