General Information
Species Soditians
Home World Granitaria
Body Humanoid/Plant
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Strength, control over plant-life
First Appearance To be announced
Ground-Breaker is an alien designed for Ffijy8ort.


Ground-Breaker looks like multiple clustered pieces of plantlife. His torso is a swampy green, along with his arms. His head is one of two rocks that are merged with his torso. His legs are a more dingy brown. He has multiple branches protruding from his limbs.


Ground-Breaker wields unbelievable strength, thanks to his inner skeletal system made of rock and granite. If broken apart, he can reform, using his swampy-like coating as an adhesive to reconnect his inner skeletal system back together. Ground-Breaker can also control plant life. He can even breathe underwater for a short amount of time, ten minutes tops; he breathes oxygen, and his plant-like body releases carbon, so he's like a living oxygen tank.


Ground-Breaker's homeworld is a world-wide swamp, and it rains almost non-stop. Ground-Breaker's kind have adapted to this, as seen from his figure.


  • Joseph416 created this alien for Ffijy8ort.
  • Ground-Breaker's head is actually an exposed part of his skeletal system, so technically, he has an exposed skull.
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