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General Information
Species ½ Galvan
½ Galvanic Mechamorph
Body Mechanical Humanoid Frog
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
Technological Mimicry
Technological Possession
Technological Enhancement
First Appearance Space Chase

Greygrade is a fusion of Grey Matter's and Upgrade's DNA. He is only accessible through the Biomnitrix or when the Omnitrix is damaged.

Powers and Abilities

Having both Grey Matter's and Upgrade's DNA, Greygrade can alter technology on a whole new level. In Space Chase, it took mere moments for Greygrade to merge into an already altered Plumber Ship and not only stop it from self-destructing, but turn it back into it's original state. This is provided by Greygrade having Grey Matter's enhanced intelligence.


Greygrade still has a small stature, making him not especially strong. Like Upgrade, Greygrade is vulnerable to electricity and technorganic viruses.


Ben 10: Galactic Legends

  • Greygrade first appeared in Space Chase to stop an altered Plumber Ship from detonating and destroying both him and The Dark One (Later revealed to be a robotical bomb). While in doing so, he also reverted the Plumber Ship back to it's original form.


  • Greygrade would roughly be the size of Upchuck.
  • He has Grey Matter's voice with the robotic sound that Upgrade's voice would give him.
  • This alien was created by Insanedude24 on DeviantArt.
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