Grey Matter
Grey Matter OF.png
General Information
Species Galvan
Home World Galvan Prime
Body Frog-like
Alternate Counterparts Dark Matter
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
First Appearance Giant Woman

Grey Matter is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Galvan from the planet Galvan Prime in Omnifusion.


Grey Matter is small and grey, with big green eyes and gills on the side of his head. He wears a green jumpsuit and the Omnitrix is on his back.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Intelligence
  • Wall climbing


  • Grey Matter is very small, and can hurt with little effort.


  • TBA


  • Giant Woman
  • Season 1 Finale: Invasion From Homeworld
  • Time Out


Grey Matter is named after the gray matter that makes up the brain's central nervous system, he is also named after the stereotypical "Little grey man" Alien archetype


  • Grey Matter's DNA Donor may be the one who created the Omnitrix itself


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