Grey Matter is the Omnimatrix V's DNA sample of a Galvan from the planet Galvan Prime.


Grey Matter is the DNA sample of a Galvan, both the smartest and the smallest alien of the Omnimatrix V. Grey Matter resembles a small, grey alien, sort of like a frog, but four inches tall. He has large green eyes, which have green eyes and rectangular pupils.

Grey Matter has the Omnimatrix on his back with straps, sort of like a harness. He wears a black jumpsuit with a green stripe doing it.There are also green stripes on the front of his head, and both sides of the arms and legs.

Powers and Abilities


Grey Matter's race are the smartest aliens of this universe. Grey Matter himself is quite smart, having plenty of technological know-how about all sorts of machinery. He could even create weapons, with enough preparation.

Grey Matter's size makes him less detectable, and allows him to get into places that anyone bigger than him couldn't get into.

Grey Matter's enhanced intelligence also gives him the ability to understand other potential alien languages. He's also quite amphibious, and possesses gills that make it easy for him to swim.


  • Grey Matter's race is the same as  The Noble, who created the Omnimatrix V.
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