Grey hungousaur is a secret character in Ben 10 vs Capcom. He is a faster and cyborg version of humungousaur, he loses his super armor ,and one of his special moves was replaced with a drill.

Grey Humungousaur
Grey humungousaur.png
General Information
Species Vaxasaurian
Home World Terradino(but now remains in the capcom Earth)
Body Cyborg Dinosaur Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Drill equipment,Super Strength,Hard Grabbing,Speed
First Appearance Ben 10 vs Capcom


One of the vaxasaurians went to fight Death for the protection of his world. When he came on the capcom world, but he got captured by M.Bison. M.Bison wants another super soldier of shadolaw since shadow and shadow laady refused to work with him. So M.Bison did  a experiment on this humungousaur, and turned him into a savage, deadly, and very bloody soldier. This vaxasaurian enters the state of cybernation. He is the sub boss in the Ben 10 vs Capcom if the player use a code. Later in his ending Grey Humungousaur took control over this cybernation experiment and was free from the control of shadolaw. Grey Humungousaur didn't return in the game until Marvel vs Ben 10 vs Capcom 2 as an altered costume for humungousaur.


Grey Humungousaur has a drill that depletes half of the opponents health if used 3 times.

Grey Humungousaur is faster then the original humungousaur.

Grey Humungousaur has the hardest throw in the game,the throw deplete maybe half of the opponent's life so beware of this throw.


Since Grey Humungousaur loses his super armor, its easy to start a air combo on him.

His grabbing command can be blocked.

Projectile Hyper Combos like Hazardous Punch or Skadiggeth Metalarka or Shinku Hadouken can remove most of his life.


Grey Humungousaur resembles Mech Zangief from Marvel SuperHeroes vs Street Fighter by the color.

Grey Humungousaur was supposed to appear in the comics but was rejected.

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