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Grey Arms
Grey Arms Alan.png
General Information

1/2 Galvan
1/2 Tetramand


Four-Armed Humanoid

Alternate Counterparts Grey Arms
Other Info

Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Heat Resistance
Prehensile Tongue
Sharp Teeth
Shock Waves
Sonic Clap
Underwater Breathing
Wall Crawling


Not Fitting Into Tech
Not as Strong as Four Arms
Not as Smart as Grey Matter

Grey Arms is a fusion of Four Arms' and Grey Matter's DNA. He is a free use fusion made by Alanomaly.


Grey Arms' appearance is primarily that of Four Arms, albeit thinner and smaller. His head is shaped like Grey Matter's, with Four Arms' lower jaw at the bottom. He has four Grey Matter eyes colored like Four Arms' from the original series. Grey Arms' outfit is a mix of the original series outfits of both aliens, having the pants, chest stripe, and collar of Four Arms, while having the long sleeves of Grey Matter. The gloves he wears are also as long as Grey Matter's while being stylized like Four Arms'. The spikes of his upper arms poke through the sleeves of his outfit. His entire body is colored like Grey Matter.

Grey Arms wears the Omnitrix on his back. 


  • Grey Arms' strength and intelligence are averaged between his two DNA donors. This makes him above-average in both, though not to the full extent of either independent alien. However, the combination of his strength and intelligence allows him to still be a proficient fighter, being able to come up with more intricate and efficient plans on the spot than Four Arms and being more physically capable than Grey Matter.


  • Given that Grey Arms is just barely larger than an average human adult, he cannot fit into technology the same way Grey Matter can.
  • Grey Arms is not as strong as Four Arms, and is not as intelligent as Grey Matter.


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  • Grey Arms was made in an attempt to improve upon the unanimously hated Grey Arms the Reboot created. Whether it worked or not is debatable.
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