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The Green Omnimatrix (often referred to as the Omnitrix) is one of Azmuth's creations and the successor of the Ultimatrix.


Orignally when Azmuth was making some modifications to the Ultimatrix an accident caused the DNA of some aliens to be removed.Although the exact number is unknown some very well known aliens like Kickin' Hawk,Ball Weevil etc. to be removed.But the Ultimatrix's energy core absorbed some DNA of Alien X and using his omnipotent powers created 7 new species.Impressed Azmuth absorbed all the powers fromn the real Omnitrix and put them in the Ultimatrix.Unknowingly Ben had done some alterations to the Omnitrix accidentally which caused his life energy and the Omnitrix energy to be connected.When the Omnitrix was completely absorbed Ben could only use 1/10 of his aliens and 1/10 of their powers also.With this whenever Ben became an alien he would loose some of his life energy.But Gwen managed to keep him alive for 10–12 years until she used up all her mana and died.With this Ben also slowly began to shrivel up and die all this time Azmuth gave the Ultimatrix to Ben's son Billy.When the Ultimatrix regonized Ben's voice by an accidental code it began instantly absorbing Ben's life energy due to a malfunction done by Vilgax as a means of revenge and in Bens final dream all of the Ultimatrix and Omnitrix aliens were there fading away and slowly Ben found himself fading away and passed away when all of his life energy was absorbed by the Ultimatrix.In furious rage Kevin hit the Ultimatrix with a metal anvil and a rebopot ocurred in the Ultimatrix which caused am malfunction to all DNA thus changing their appearances and powers.It also caused the Ultimatrix to change its colours into a new model the Grenomatrix.


  • The Grenomatrix has a Master Control.
  • The Grenomatrix has over 63 aliens.

​Known Aliens[]

These are all the known aliens the Omnitrix has ever had unlocked/acessed.

Alien When and how it was Unlocked/Obtained
Alien X (Alien Revived)
Jellytentacle Jellytentacle was unlocked by the Ultimatrix reset prior to the series.
Armodrillo (Alien Revived)

Bandager was unlocked by Azmuth in Sad Story.

Bandager was locked by Azmuth in Sad Story

Benvicktor (Alien Revived)
BlokGorila BlokGorila was unlocked by scanning The Polyo
Brainstorm (Alien Revived)
Cannonbolt (Alien Revived)
ChamAlien (Alien Revived)
Chromastone (Alien Revived)
Big TIK Big TIK was unlocked by Sally Tennyson in The Polyo .
Diamondhead (Alien Revived)
Ditto (Alien Revived)
Eatle (Alien Revived)
Echo Echo (Alien Revived)
Eye Guy (Alien Revived)
Fasttrack (Alien Revived)
Four Arms (Alien Revived)
Way Big (Alien Revived)
Wildmutt (Alien Revived)
Wildvine (Alien Revived)
XLR8 (Alien Revived)