Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero
Season 4, Episode 1
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Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Greetings from Area 51 is the 51st episode of the series, Brandon 10: Ultimate Hero.


The episode begins at night, set at a fenced-up military facility. On the facility grounds, a few armed soldiers can be seen patrolling the area. There are also several military trucks and jeeps parked. Inside one of the many warehouses, a collection of alien artifacts and technology can be seen organized into several different sections. In one of the sections, a pod of some kind suddenly activates. On the platform within, a dense black fog starts to generate and escape the pod, spreading onto the floor. A twisted growl can be heard echoing through the fog, itself, as it continues to spread. The smoke from the fog rises up to the ceiling and starts to seep into the ridges around the lights, causing them to flicker. Elsewhere in the facility, the lights are also flickering, catching the attention of two passing soldiers.

Soldier: Aw man...

Soldier 2: What are you complaining about?

Soldier: The lights, man.

Soldier 2: So what? It's probably just a power outage or something to do with the lightning system.

Soldier: Just a power outage? May I remind you that we're in one of the most fortified facilities in the nation protecting technology from outer space?

Soldier 2: That's exactly why you shouldn't be worried. Besides, despite all the talk, nothing ever happens around here.

Suddenly, there's a bang at the end of the hall. The two guards turn to where the noise had come from. A moment later, another bang is heard at the end of the hall, sounding slightly louder.

Soldier: What was that?

Soldier 2: I don't know. I'm gonna check it out, stay close to me.

The second soldier gains a better grip on his weapon and proceeds ahead with the other soldier following behind him. As they approach the end of the hall, they come across a reinforced steel door with a series of locks. They stop when hearing yet another bang, now much louder considering how close the door is now.

Soldier: Alright, that's- that's not possible. There's nothing alive in there, right?

Soldier 2: Of course not. But if there is, it's our job to make sure we handle the situation.

Soldier: We should call this in.

Soldier 2: And then what? I'm telling you, it's no big deal. You always worry whenever something like this happens. Alright look, just check the scanner. If there's nothing there, we'll go inside and look around. If there is something there, then we'll report it in.

Soldier: Good thinking.

The soldier pulls out a small scanning device from his side pocket and activates it. He holds the scanner ahead, a short blue light scans ahead of the device, registering an image of what's behind the door onto the monitor.

Soldier 2: Well?

Soldier: No sign of radiation, no sign of heat signatures, no sign of heart rates. No visual cues of anything but the storage.

Soldier 2: See? What'd I tell you? Come on, let's get this door open. The two soldier move apart from one another and access both keypads that are present on both sides of the door. They enter a code, provide a fingerprint scan and a retinal scan. Soon after, the door hisses and slides apart, opening. The two soldiers then enter the room and look around.

Soldier: No sign of the banging.

Soldier 2: Like I said... nothing to worry about.

A noise is heard, like something dropping onto the floor. The soldier turn to the source of the noise.

Soldier: Probably nothing, eh?

Soldier 2: Alright, alright. Break apart. You take the left, I'll head on directly.

Soldier: Roger that.

The two break apart as he said. The second soldier approaches a crate which is surrounded in a light yet dark fog. He steps into the fog, aiming his weapon at the crate. He then looks around, seeing nothing else. However, as he does this, the fog around him starts to become thicker and expand more. The soldier starts to notice the increasing fog around him.

Soldier 2: What the- What is this?!

The dark fog then starts to take a more solid-form form behind him. The soldier then turns around, surprised and, before he can truly react, is slashed by a wave of thick, black fog which resemble claws. The man, slashed across the chest, tries his weapon into the air as he falls onto his back. The second soldier, hearing the weapon fire, rushes over with his weapon ready and turns the corner, moving out from some stacked alien ware. He then shines the light on his weapon forwards, it now shining on the deceased body of his soldier partner. With the light still focused on him, the dark fog starts to curl towards the light, overcoming the soldier's body. The other soldier looks ahead in fear and stumbles to get his weapon ready to fire. When he finally does, he fires at the fog before him while backing away. However, it seems to do nothing to it as the fog continues spreading towards the soldier. He then makes a run for it, weapon still in hand. He makes for the door just up ahead, without even looking back. As he runs, the low-twisted growl from earlier echoes again from behind the fleeing soldier, increasing in pitch, as if out of excitement or a similar feeling. The soldier then makes for the open doorway but trips ahead as his foot is entrapped by the spreading thick, black fog which appears more like a spiky arm. The soldier yells, dropping his gun with its light shining directly into the view as he gets dragged off, back into the room.

Title Sequence

After the titles, the city of Bellwood can be seen from overhead in the bright daylight. The streets are clear as the people tend to their ordinary business and the whole area has a peaceful and bright atmosphere to it. Just then, an alarm is heard. At a bank, the doors bust open as Ana, the Robber Boss, steps out in some new stylish red cybernetic armor, carrying two money bags in her hands.

Ana: Oooh, it's good to be back!

As Ana walks down the steps of the bank, a couple of police cruisers pull up roughly before her. Two officers step out from each car, drawing their weapons on Ana.

Police Officer: Freeze! Put the money down and place your hands in the air!

Ana: Heh, sure thing, officers.

Ana drops the money and raises her hands. She then fires a blast of energy from her cybernetic gloves which blast the cruisers away. The blast also knocks the officers to the ground. One of the officers gets up from the explosion and fires his weapon at Ana, however the bullets deflect off of her armor. She smiles and chuckles to herself.

Ana: You're gonna need something a lot stronger than that if you wanna penetrate this.

Ana then charges forwards and knocks out the cop with one strike. She then dusts off her hands before returning to the money bags, picking them up from the ground. However, a shadow flies over her. She looks up and sees the Interceptor flying over.

Ana: No, no, no... Not this time!

Ana breaks a break for it, dashing away with the money bags in hand. He runs down the street but a pink energy wall appears before her, blocking her way. She turns her head from the wall and sees a feminine figure wearing red approaching. She turns the other way, passing the burnt and crushed cruisers. As she runs down the other street, the destroyed police cars are flung over her, crashing down before her, blocking the way. She turns around, surprised, seeing a metallic figure approach her, soon becoming a figure wearing blue. She quickly turns heading in a different direction and into an alleyway. She stops and catches her breath and, as she does, the shadow of a person comes over her. She looks up, surprised, as a figure wearing a green jacket steps from the shadows.

Ana: Gah! It-It's... It's you!

Brandon: I know, I know. The greatest hero in the universe, the alien shape shifter, the world-renowned legendary alien hero. Yeah, it's me.

Ana grunts under her teeth.

Brandon: Wow, Ana. It's been- what? A few years. How are things? I see you got some sweet new armor.

Ana: You really know how to flatter a girl.

Brandon: What can I say? I've been practicing.

Ana: Yeah, this is the latest cybernetic armor. Picked it up from that black market in Massachusetts before it got shut down. It's like the best thing I've ever gotten my hands on, y'know, aside from money, of course. Anyways, it's got kick-butt systems that-

While Ana is talking, Brandon activates the Ultimatrix and scrolls through the available transformations, which are plentiful, at this point. He seems to be having a hard time deciding which transformation to select.

Ana: -allows me to access all sortsa weaponry; missile launchers, laser blasts, rocket boots, wrist knives, grenade launchers, and freaking laser beams attached to my forehead! I'm invincible!

Brandon: Uh huh. Well, how about we test out your invincible armor, shall we?

Brandon slaps down the face plate of the Ultimatrix and transforms into Hydro-Man.

Hydro-Man: HYDRO-MAN!

Hydro-Man then blasts water from his hands onto Ana's armor, pushing her back slightly. Her enhanced strength and durability made her quite resistant against the blast, which causes her smirk. But, after a few seconds, the armor starts to spark up and glitch until it finally shuts down, becoming unusable.

Ana, trying to activate her weaponry: No... No! NO! You- you ruined my armor!

Hydro-Man: I hope you kept the receipt.

Ana: Oh, you are so going down, kid!

Ana then whips out a pocket knife from her side compartments and charges straight for him. She then slices the knife at Hydro-Man but then breaks apart against his armor. Ana looks at the shattered knife pieces in her hand in surprise then smiles nervously at Hydro-Man, looking down at her. The scene then cuts over to Hydro-Man leaving the alleyway with Ana while carrying the money bags in one hand, as the two figures from earlier approach them. The figures are actually Coco and Sarah, however, in new looks. Coco continues wearing his blue jacket over his black shirt but now has shorter hair. Sarah, on the other hand, is wearing a red school jacket over a white shirt underneath a grey sweater with dark-colored pants.

Coco: Catch of the day?

Hydro-Man: Vintage too.

Sarah: Nice work, Brandon. I'll take over from here.

Sarah's eyes glow pink as she raises her hand in front of her. Ana's hand are then bound by her pink energy.

Sarah, eyes returning to normal: There.

The sound of sirens is then heard as more police cars arrive at the scene. Hydro-Man presses the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and reverts back into Brandon.

Brandon: Looks like your plans were shut down, Ana.

Ana: Just you wait 'till I get out!

Police officers come and take Ana and the money bags away, leaving the three of them standing in the middle of the street before the bank. Brandon smiles at both Coco and Sarah, who start to notice.

Coco: What?

Brandon: Nothing, it's just- the team's assembled, the bad guys are on the run, the day is saved.

He comes between Coco and Sarah and puts his arms around both of them.

Brandon: Oh, it's good to be back!

Sarah: Brandon, you need to start taking this seriously.

Brandon: Taking what seriously?

Sarah: This whole hero thing.

Brandon: Look, Sarah. We've been doing this for- what? About seven years? Besides, as long as we're together, we can take on anything.

Coco: You have to admit, it has been a while since we've been saving the day.

Brandon: Yeah, feels like it's a year or something.

Sarah: More like a month, in change.

Brandon: So, milkshakes and burgers?

Before a response can be given, a slight wind blows over them. They look up as the wind gets stronger and the sound of a helicopter motor running can now be heard. Above them, a helicopter can be seen landing in the streets before them. Once the blades of the helicopter start to settle, Amanda Song exits from the helicopter and approaches the team.

Amanda: Hey there, hero. Been a while, hasn't it?

Brandon: Amanda Song. Come to spy on me again?

Amanda: Something like that. I'm actually here on General Gates' behalf. It's important.

Coco: How important?

Amanda: (sigh) I take it you three have heard about Area 51.

Sarah: You mean the government facility that is the main source of crazy conspiracy theories and folklore?

Amanda: Yeah. Well, let's just say we have a situation and we need you three there.

Coco: No way.

Brandon: Yes... Dude, we're finally going to Area 51!

Amanda: Would totally appreciate it if you weren't so loud about it.

Brandon: Oh, uh- Sorry. I mean- (quietly) We're going to Area 51!

He fist pounds Coco. Amanda rolls her eyes.

Amanda: Just get in the copter.

The scene cuts over to the helicopter flying over a desert. Inside, a pilot and an armed soldier sit in the front while Brandon, Coco, Sarah and Amanda are situated in the back.

Brandon: Y'know all this time, I wasn't really sure if Area 51 was real or not.

Amanda: Yeah, we like to keep it that way.

Sarah: So how come you're telling us about it?

Amanda: Like I said, it's important. I can't disclose anything more than that.

Coco: Because you don't trust us?

Amanda: Because it's above my pay grade.

Brandon: This might be a dumb question but do you think I can take a picture or something to keep around-

Amanda: Absolutely not. I guess I should remind you to keep this information to yourselves, otherwise we'll have to kidnap you and lock you up.

The back of the helicopter is silent for a moment before Amanda breaks into laughter.

Amanda: Guys, I'm just kidding. What? A spy can't joke around once in a while?

Brandon sighs in relief while he and Coco chuckle nervously.

Amanda: But seriously, nothing leaves the base.

The helicopter continues flying ahead until it passes over a shed. The pilot seems to acknowledge the shed and nods to the armed soldier next to him. The soldier nods back and turns to the back of the copter.

Soldier: 10 klicks away from base.

Amanda fastens her seat belt.

Amanda: Hold onto your butts.

Brandon and Coco look at each other and then decide to strap themselves in as well. Coco turns to Sarah who looks out the window, distracted or absent-minded. He puts his hand on her lap, catching her attention. She looks startled slightly but then looks into his eyes and calms down. She then takes her hand in his own. The helicopter continues flying ahead in the vast empty desert, some small yellow lights at the side of the helicopter activating. A ripple effect is then seen in the air before the copter as it approaches it. The helicopter then phases through a barrier of some kind, losing control momentarily before it is returns on normal flight over the military facility (from earlier). Brandon looks out of the window in amazement at the base that had suddenly appeared before him.

Brandon: Whoa...

Amanda: Gentlemen, lady, welcome to Area 51.

Coco and Sarah join Brandon in looking out of the windows of the helicopter, as he gets closer to the base. The helicopter then comes down for a landing on a helipad where General Gates and a line of armed soldiers stand. As the blades of the helicopter start to slow down and the expelling wind dies down, the team- along with Amanda- step off of the copter and are lead to the awaiting General Gates.

General Gates: Thank you for coming.

Brandon: Of course. I mean, this is Area 51, after all.

General Gates: Yes, you must plenty of questions. Unfortunately, well- we got a situation.

Brandon: Nothing, we can't handle, General.

General Gates: You don't understand, Brandon. This is... different. (sighs)

Brandon's confident smiles fades into something of slight concern.

Sarah: What exactly is the situation?

Coco: Yeah, it'd help to actually know what we're supposed to be doing here.

General Gates: You might have pieced this together from what you may have already heard from general talk and discussion that Area 51 is a facility that contains advanced alien technology.

Brandon: I've also heard stuff about locking up aliens and weird experimentation.

General Gates: Well, that's part of the story. We do, however, store alien artifacts and various types of technology that we come across. In these warehouses, we process them, identify their function and organize them into different sections until further processing.

Sarah: Do the Mechanics know about this place?

General Gates: This is a government-owned facility so it falls in line with the government's association with alien lifeforms. Both the G.E.I.T. and the Mechanics have their guidelines to follow and, with that being said, we try to keep out of each other's hairs unless the situation deems it necessary.

Coco: And now it's deemed necessary.

General Gates: I'm afraid so. Just yesterday, one of our alien artifacts activated despite being claimed non-functional by our top scientists and engineers in the field. No sensors were triggered, no sightings made, seems like the activation did nothing... until we found two bodies in storage. And after that more soldiers began to drop. We managed to evacuate the facility and grab just enough equipment to set up a camp out here. Area 51 has been on lock-down since then.

Sarah: What do you think it is? A pathogen of some kind?

General Gates: We were hoping you'd tell us. Considering your experiences with alien kind, I had counted on it having some use in this particular situation.

Brandon: If you wanted advice, you could've called. I think you need our help dealing with whatever it is in there.

Amanda: He really is as clever as they say.

General Gates: Yes. That was going to be the bottom line. I'll be honest with you, we have no idea what we're dealing with here. But I have faith that you can help us out here.

Voice: General.

Gates turns his head and sees a man approach them, he's wearing a brown uniform with a hat and has a grey mustache.

General Gates: Sergeant Johnson, I was just-

Sergeant Johnson: Showing our guests around? May I remind you this is a top-secret military facility, Gates.

General Gates: ...I'm well aware.

Sergeant Johnson: Good. (turning to Brandon and the others) Here's the deal: There's something in our facility and we need you to remove it... at any cost. We have instructions to destroy the facility if the threat persists but we bought some time for you to be able to do your thing. You have about one hour, tops.

Brandon: One hour?! Sorry, sir, but have you seen the size of this place? At least, in the last mission, we had five hours to do what we needed to do but one? We'll never be able to cover that much ground within an hour.

Sergeant Johnson: We don't need you to cover the whole place. The less you know about this place, the better. Do what you need to do but one hour is all you're getting. After that, we'll plan an extraction then a full-scale evacuation. Then after that-

Coco: Boom.

Sarah: Do you have anything I can use to locate whatever it is this might be?

General Gates: We have nothing, I'm sorry.

Sarah: Don't be, it's just- this is going to be a lot more difficult.

Brandon: Well, if whatever it is wants to attack people, then finding it shouldn't be too hard. Alright, we're ready.

Gates turns to Johnson who gives him a firm nod. Gates sighs softly then turns to some soldiers standing by an entrance.

General Gates: Open it up!

The two soldiers nod and work to get the door open. While they do that, Amanda retrieves a briefcase and opens it. Inside, there are several earpieces and small chips.

Amanda: Inside you'll find specialized earpieces, they're on the same frequency as our radios here so we'll be able to hear you anywhere throughout the facility except the storage room where the pod was first activated. You can also talk back to us on the same frequency. The team take an earpiece each and put it on.

Amanda: You'll also find these chips- they're cameras designed to stay in place; secured from any movements you might be making. With these, we'll be able to see where you are and help you navigate through the facility except in the storage room, same deal as the earpieces. We designed a specialized one for you, Brandon, in spite of your... transformations.

Coco and Sarah take their chips and place it on their jackets while Brandon takes the specialized chip and places that on his jacket as well. Once they're done, Amanda closes the case and holds it in front of her.

Soldier: Sir!

Sergeant Johnson: Looks like they've got the door open. Your time is now on the clock.

General Gates: Neutralize the target before your time is up but most importantly give yourself enough time to get clear. We'd hate to lose you. Good luck.

Brandon gives him a nod. The three of them then proceed into Area 51 through the entrance. They stand in the doorway but turn back as the door closes behind them.

General Gates: Remember, one hour! You can do-

Gates' final word is silenced by the slam of the door, entrapping the team in the dark corridor that they're currently in.

Brandon: Well, that's reassuring. You guys alright?

Coco: Sure, I just love being locked within Area 51 of all places with a mysterious thing slashing people.

Brandon: Appreciate the sarcasm, bud. Really, it lightens the mood a bit.

Coco: I guess it's not too bad now that we're...

The sound of the low-toned growl can be heard echoing down the hall. The team stand still, silent.

Coco: Okay...

Sarah: Come on, let's get moving. We don't have much time.

Sarah lights up her hand with her energy and proceeds to lead the way through the dark corridor. Brandon and Coco follow after her. They move through the hall, their steps slightly echoing within it. Brandon looks around, peering into the windows of dark rooms that they pass by. As he continues walking forwards, he steps into a light black smoke which moves upwards from his stepping motion just enough to catch his attention.

Brandon: Uh guys?

Coco and Sarah stop and look around, now noticing the black fog surrounding them. Sarah stands firmly, keeping her arm steady as she continues lighting up the area around them.

Coco: You think a pipe broke or something?

Sarah continues holding her ground, as if focusing on something no one else can. A low-toned hissing can then be heard elevating into a slightly higher-pitched growl. Sarah's eyes widen as she notices. She swiftly takes a step back and holds her arm out before her as the black fog intesifies, spreading around them. Sarah: Hold on! Sarah's pink light around her hand expands around them into a pink energy bubble, shielding them from the thick, black fog that seems to pounce in on them. Dark smoke-like tendrils bang against the shield, followed by the spiky arm slashes. While this creature continues attacking the shield, it lets out a high-pitched shriek. Sarah uses both her hands down and struggles to keep the shield stable.

Coco, alarmed: What the heck is that thing?

Brandon: No idea, but I'm pretty sure it wants us.

Sarah, struggling: Guys... I don't think I can keep this up for too long. Ugh!

Brandon: Then don't.

Sarah: Wh-What?

Brandon: I've got a plan. I'll catch its attention while you two attack it from behind.

Coco: You really think that'll work?

Brandon: Well, it's worth a try.

Sarah: Okay, just get ready.

Brandon nods and activates his Ultimatrix. He turns the dial a couple of times.

Brandon: Alright, break!

Sarah then expands the shield until it disipates, pushing the black fog away briefly. Coco and Sarah stand clear while Brandon smacks down the face plate and undergoes a transformation sequence. He spins around in DNA and curls up due to the changes. His head grows into a more prominent shape, gaining fin-like features at the side of his head. Vegetation then starts to grow up from his arm, spreading around his body. Within a flash, Brandon transforms into Loch Ness.

Loch Ness: LOCH NESS!

The black fog surrounds Loch Ness and shireks in a strange tone, as if confused or alarmed.

Loch Ness: What's the big idea?

Coco: Dude, is it attacking you?

Loch Ness: No! Just- circling around me. Sarah: It must be distracted by Loch Ness.

Coco: Alright, here's our chance. RAGH!

Coco absorbs the metallic floor, gaining a metallic form and strikes at the black fog however the smoke only blows away slightly from the swinging motion. It does catch the attention of the creature who shrieks in an escalated tone and slashes Coco, tearing through his metallic form and knocking him back into the ground.

Sarah: Coco!

Loch Ness: No one hurts my friends and gets away with it!

Loch Ness blasts the black fog away with his water blasts from his hands which seems to work as it pushes the fog back. Yet, despite that, the black fog creature forms around the water blasts, dodging them now. Loch Ness tries to catch his angles in order to catch the creature but it moves very swiftly, getting closer by the second. Within a brief moment, the creature is already upon Loch Ness, entrapping him within its dark tendrils of smoke, making him unable to move. Loch Ness grunts and resists but is torn from his back by the creatures spiky claws. It then lets go of Loch Ness, hovering over him as he falls to the floor. Sarah's eyes light up after witnissing this and she sends forth a wave of energy which seems to burn into the creature. It lets out a cry and disipates into a light smoke, retreating. Sarah's eyes then flicker to normal as she lets out a breath. She goes over to Coco, helping him up. He's weakened by the attack but his actual chest is still in tact.

Sarah: Are you alright?

Coco: Yeah... Just- uh. Whatever that was- it was powerful.

Coco turns to Loch Ness, still laying on the floor.

Coco: Yo! You good?

Loch Ness raises a weak thumbs up as his back begins to regenerate. Once it's healed enough, he gets up from the floor.

Loch Ness: It took a while to get that healed... You weren't kidding about how powerful that thing is.

Sarah: We should abort the mission. We barely survived that.

Coco: We were caught off guard. Once that thing comes around again, we can catch it off guard.

Loch Ness: There's obviously a lot we don't know here. Whatever help we can get would definitely be uh- helpful.

Coco: Well, it didn't attack you at first.

Loch Ness: Yeah, that was weird. It sounded... confused.

Sarah: Maybe it was your smell. You know because you're made up of swamp.

Loch Ness: Really, Sarah?

Sarah: Hey, I'm just listing possibilities. We should probably open up frequencies and get in touch with the others outside.

Loch Ness: Good idea.

Sarah activates her earpiece. Same for Coco.

Sarah: Hello?

There's static for a moment before a voice comes on over their earpieces.

General Gates, over the earpieces: Hello, how is your progress so far? We noticed frantic movements just a second ago.

Coco: Yeah, we just came across that thing you're so worried about. It pretty much tried to kill us.

General Gates, over the earpieces: Can't say I didn't warn you. If you continue straight ahead, you'll come across an intersection. You'll want to go left then and then make the next right. If you keep taking that corridor down, you'll end up in the mess. Might be a good place if you need cover but if you are going to hide out, don't take too long. You've got barely 50 minutes left.

Coco: Considering how big this place is, we're going to have to come up with some kind of strategy or something in order to cover the space needed to find this thing.

Loch Ness: Alright, we'll split up. We each go a different direction. Whoever finds the creature first, contacts the others.

Sarah: We still need to neutralize it.

Loch Ness: Do you think your shields can contain it?

Sarah: Maybe, but I'd rather not try if there's a chance it won't hold or even contain all of it. Whatever it is, is practically up of smoke.

Loch Ness: What does the General think?

Sarah: General?

General Gates, over the earpiece: I'll talk with the others, see if we can figure something out and report back to you as soon as we have something solid.

Coco: Well, it's as good of a plan as any. Loch Ness stretches as a snitching or vine stretching sound can be heard. Loch Ness then transforms back into Brandon, who holds his back soon after. Brandon: Alright, let's get a move on, team. The team then splits up with Coco moving to the left and Sarah to the right, leaving Brandon at the intersect that they are currently at. He then turns around, seeing the long corridor before him and takes a step forwards, soon walking ahead. As time passes, Brandon continues walking through the dark corridor, nearly stumbling in the dark. He then activates his Ultimatrix and uses its green glow as a light. With the corridor now lit up slightly, his eyes widen as he notices the fallen soldiers on the floor around him.

Brandon: Oh no...

Brandon continues walking, watching his pace as to not step on their bodies. He puts his hand against the wall as if to guide him forwards while keeping his other hand, the one with the Ultimatrix, outwards. As he keeps moving, his hand comes across marking on the wall which he feels and notices. He lifts the Ultimatrix over to the markings, shwoing them to actually be scratches. Brandon looks at them for a moment before the creature's shriek is heard again from a distance. Brandon then pushes away from the wall and hurries down the corridor. He then finds himself at a door. He tries opening it but it's locked.

Brandon, activating his earpiece: Hey- I heard something from behind this door. Any idea how to get it open?

General Gates, over the earpiece: We see it. You're in Sector G16, it's currently on lockdown. There's no way for the creature to have gotten in there. You should turn back, find a different place to look before you run out of time. A muffled cry is then heard from behind the door.

Brandon: Wait- I hear something. Gates, there is something behind this door. I need it open.

General Gates: Brandon, I'm telling you that's not the creature. You have to listen to me, there's no time to argue about this.

Brandon: No, you're right. We can't waste any more time talking about it.

Brandon turns the dial once, activating the Ultimatrix's holograms. He then smacks down the face plate and transforms into BrandonBot.


BrandonBot then approaches a panel near the door and starts to hack into it. What BrandonBot is doing is translated onto a screen that is being watched by Gates, Song and Johnson outside of the facility in the camp that they've set up.

Sergeant Johnson: What does he think he's doing? He's disobeying a direct order!

General Gates: He's not one of ours... he can do as he pleases, Sergeant.

Sergeant Johnson: Is that right? So the boy that can transform into aliens waltz into Area 51 and can do as he pleases?

General Gates: That's not what I meant.

Sergeant Johnson: But it is what you said. Make sure he doesn't fall out of place, General. Otherwise that creature won't be the only thing he and you would have to worry about. Johnson steps out of the camp, leaving Gates with Amanda.

Amanda: Sir?

General Gates: Can he breach through that door, Song?

Amanda: Not likely. Our lock down procedures are very thorough. Not only is it resistant to impact, extreme temperatures and other types of offensive attacks, there's also an enhanced code built in to keep possible intruders and unauthorized personnel out.

Back inside, BrandonBot reads the code as it appears on the panel.

BrandonBot: Advanced code... but nothing too difficult for a Techatron.

BrandonBot breezes through the lines of code as he continues to hack into the door's mainframe. After a short moment, the door unlocks and opens before him. BrandonBot then enters, looking around, as if scanning the area. Inside, there appears to be several abandoned labs with no sign of any bodies or even too much equipment.

BrandonBot: They really cleaned up despite being in such a hurry. Makes me wonder what they're hiding...

The sound of something being knocked over, interrupts BrandonBot's thoughts as she turns his head towards the source of the noise. He then makes his way over to a locker within one of the labs, finding that it's locked. A muffled cry can be heard inside the locker.

BrandonBot: What-

He cuts himself off, thinking, then extends his arm forwards, picking the lock of the locker with an electric spark. The locker door then flies open, knocking BrandonBot onto his rear as a green orb flies out and hovers around the area. BrandonBot looks up from the floor and the flying orb. The orb then hovers over to it, and, now with a closer and clearer look at what this thing is, it's actually an alien creature of some sort. It looks at BrandonBot with a certain curiosity and purrs in a tone that matches its mood. It almost looks like it's tilting its head as it looks at him.

BrandonBot: O-kay. That just happened. Hey, little guy. What- what were you doing in there? The orb-alien doesn't seem to quite understand what BrandonBot is saying but seems content on just examining him.

BrandonBot: Right, something tells me I'm not going to make much progress like this.

BrandonBot transforms back into Brandon and gets up from the floor, which alerts the orb-alien, who lets out a cry as it hovers behind a knocked over desk.

Brandon: Hey... it's okay. I uh- I come in peace.

The orb-like alien peeks out from behind the desk, seeing Brandon extend his hand out. The alien slowly hovers over and comes to Brandon, rubbing against his hand as if getting associated with him.

Brandon: There you go.

General Gates, over the earpiece: Brandon! What are you doing?! We don't have time for this! You have 35 minutes left.

Brandon: I know what I'm doing. What or who is this?

General Gates: An alien that we had discovered, we were giving it medical care- does it matter? Brandon: Well, considering the fact that I found him... or her inside a locker in some lab somewhere, maybe. There's no one here, nothing else here except this alien.

General Gates: Just focus on the mission, Brandon. We can discuss that later.

Brandon: (sigh) Alright, fine. What's near me?

General Gates: The armory, just follow the corridor outside to the right all the way down. You can't miss it.

Brandon: Okay, I'll check there. If I don't find anything, I'll report in with the others.

General Gates: Alright, good plan. Just, please, stick to it. A lot hangs on this mission, Brandon.

Brandon: Yeah, I understand.

Brandon starts to walk away, moving towards the doorway. The floating alien looks at him curiously then follows after him. It then hovers around his head and purrs cheerfully. Brandon tries ignoring it but fails briefly afterwards. He pets the alien as the two of them continue down the corridor. Elsewhere, Coco is moving through the dark corridor. There is a flicker of light in his corridor which allows him to move through the darkness without the difficulty of moving through a completely dark hallway. He checks into a room, not seeing much inside but knocked over furniture and more scratches across the wall.

Coco: Nothing. Where the heck did it go?

Coco steps back into the corridor and continues walking ahead.

Sergeant Johnson, over his earpiece: Hey, are you there?

Coco: I'm here.

Sergeant Johnson, over his earpiece: I've patched you to my own personal frequency. The others won't be able to hear you.

Coco stops walking and stands there.

Coco: What for?

Sergeant Johnson: I've got a proposition for you.

Coco: ...I'm listening.

Sergeant Johnson: Look, you and I both know that finding this thing- whatever it is, it's basically impossible.

Coco: I don't know. We've done some pretty impossible things. I've seen some pretty impossible things...

Sergeant Johnson: Well, even if you do find it, the chances of you being able to capture this creature is quite low. Now, I've consulted the scientists and engineers and they may be able to walk you through with making something that can stop this creature.

Coco: How exactly?

Sergeant Johnson: I need to hear that you're with me on this.

Coco: Yeah, I'm with you.

Sergeant Johnson: Good. Now, listen very closely...

The scene cuts away to Sarah, walking through her own dark hallway. She continues using her lit hand to light the way. She comes across a fallen body and stops. She closes her eyes, looking away, for a brief moment then looks back without ease and kneels before the fallen soldier. She places her other hand on the body, specifically where the scratches are, and a faint light covers her hand. Her eyes then glow pink as she stares at him for a short instance. Yet a sensation comes over her, breaking her concentration.

Sarah: Argh!

She holds her head as her eyes are overwhelmed by pink energy, with small sparks popping from them. She closes her eyes and presses her hand against the side of her head.

Sarah: Ugh...

She remains there, kneeling in the darkness, holding her head.

Voice, over the earpiece: Sarah. Sarah?

Sarah: Yes? Hello?

Voice, over the earpiece: You don't have much time left. You need to keep moving.

Sarah: Yeah, uh- sorry. Something just came over me, I'm fine. In fact, I think I can locate the creature from here.

Voice, over the earpiece: That's good. (break) Your abilities interest me, Sarah. You appear to be very powerful.

Sarah: ...Who is this? Who am I talking to?

Voice, over the earpiece: I'm just taking over for now. Don't worry, I'm here to help you.

Sarah: Oh. Sorry, I guess I'm just- feeling a little anxious.

Voice, over the earpiece: Keep moving ahead. You're close.

Sarah: Close? Close to what?

Voice, over the earpiece: You're getting closer, Sarah.

Sarah, voice starting to tense up: Closer to what? Where am I going?!

Her voice echoes through the hall followed by a long silence.

Sarah: ...Hello? Are you still there? Look, this isn't funny, you can't just-

Sarah reaches for her earpiece and takes it off to get a better look. The earpiece is deactivated. Sarah then looks at the earpiece in her hand, her breath growing more rapidly as her eyes widen in disbelief. She then looks around, finding nothing around her but darkness. She spins around, searching for something, anything but can't see anything but the darkness of the corridor. She then grabs her head, breathing hard in a panic. The scene abruptly cuts back to Brandon, still wondering the facility with the floating alien by his side. He comes across an open area with several weapons stacked, ranging from different types of guns to missile launchers to advanced looking military weapons. There are also crates and deactivated machinery.

Brandon: Alright, I'm here at the Armory. I'll keep you posted. There's no response.

Brandon: Gates? You there? ...I thought the feed was supposed to cut when I was in the storage room, not the weapons room.

The alien looks at him with an unsure expression.

Brandon: Yeah, I don't know what's going on either, buddy. I guess we could keep looking for that creature but I don't want you getting hurt.

A whirring sound is then heard as the deactivated machinery behind Brandon starts to flicker online. Brandon hears the noise and looks around, confused.

Brandon: Hey, where's that noise coming from?

A shadow then overcomes him, causing him to turn around in surprise. Before him now is a large mech sentry with dual-wielding firepower. It scans the area.

Mech, in automated voice: Human detected. Area clear.

Back at the camp, outside the facility, Gates walks in while Amanda takes control over the set up. There are soldier rushing out in a hurry.

Amanda: Sir, thank goodness.

General Gates: What the jumpin' jellybeans is up with you, Song?

Amanda: Brandon's audio wasn't responding for some reason but we still have visuals. It looks like he activated one of the prototype mechs, sir.

General Gates: Well, he should be fine as long as he remains in human form. That thing only acts against alien DNA.

The floating alien moves out from behind Brandon to get a better look at the Mech, which then scans him almost immediately.

Mech: Alien DNA detected. Terminate Alien Hostile!

General Gates: Well, poop.

The Mech then fires at both Brandon and the alien. Brandon takes the alien and jumps behind a crate which blocks the oncoming fire. He then lets it up as it hovers low next to him. The alien looks scared and lets out another one of its cries.

Brandon: Easy, easy. It's going to be alright, buddy. Check it out.

Brandon activates the Ultimatrix, which starts to distract the alien with its bright holograms. Brandon: Alright, gotta find an alien that can fight a mech trying to destroy us. A shirek is then heard, grabbing Brandon's attention. She peeks from behind the crate as a thick, black fog slams into the room, spreading and encircling the mech, who continues firing but moves back and forth while also spinning around, as if it position itself to re-locate its targets. However, a more solid-like creature emerges not from the fog but becomes solid from the fog as it wraps around the mech, slashing at it while also entrapping it within its dark tendrils. Brandon then takes a step back from the crate, looking surprised at how destructive the creature is on the mech, which tries yet fails to remain in tact and eliminate its new target. The small alien floats up, catching sight of this and lets out a cheerful cry. The cry catches the attention of the smoke-like creature, the outline of its face becoming slightly visible and its expression is that of pure anger, as its barely visible eyes peer at both the alien and Brandon. A low-toned growl can be heard from the creature as its thick, black fog starts to accumulate around the mech sentry, practically engulfing it. Brandon glups.

Brandon: Uh oh...

Brandon then takes Buddy into his hands and starts to dash out of the Armory as the smoke creature pounces from the mech and onto the spot where they just were. The smoke then follows in pursuit of the two of them. Brandon hurries but trips over the body of a soldier, dropping the alien in his hand. He looks up, seeing Buddy float off into the darkness.

Brandon: Buddy!

A high-pitched shriek can be heard from behind him. Brandon then hurries up and dashes forwards. He turns the corner, finding himself in yet another dark hallway. Brandon: I can't keep running.  (thinks as he's running) But I can start hiding. Brandon activates the Ultimatrix once again and smacks down the face plate. He transforms into Flex, who runs forwards in a slightly ridiculous way as his arms and legs look as flimsy and wobbly.

Flex: FLEX!

He then stops short and looks around. Another shriek coming from behind him. Flex stretches his head around so he can see behind him without moving his body.

Flex: Oh boy! I better even out before I get into odds with this thing.

Flex then lays against the wall and flattens into it, becoming two-dimensional, vanishing from sight. The black fog then passes through but remains where Flex just was. It remains there momentarily, moving through the air as if sensing something but then shrieks in a confused manner and pounces off again, withering away and leaving only a faint trail behind. On the wall, opposite to where the creature was, is a stick figure version of Flex as if painted onto the wall, itself. His eyes then shift towards the direction where the creature had gone. He waddles towards that direction, getting slightly bigger in the process until he stretches back into the third-dimension, becoming three-dimensional again. Flex sighs in relief then transforms back into Brandon. Buddy then floats by and, upon seeing Brandon again, purrs cheerfully.

Brandon: Hey, buddy. Good to see you too.

Brandon activates his earpiece.

Brandon: Gates, I'm running out of ideas here. This thing doesn't want to be found but somehow keeps on finding me.

General Gates, over the earpiece: I was afraid this might happen. You have a little under 20 minutes left. I suggest you regroup with your friends and abort the mission.

Brandon: There just has to be a better way of handling this. Blowing up Area 51?

General Gates, over the earpiece: The contents of the base alone are far too risky letting it get in the hands, paws or toes of whatever alien creature that thing might be. By destroying the base and everything inside, we keep the world safer. You understand?

Brandon: I guess so.

General Gates, over the earpiece: Just get back in one piece, alright? I'm counting on ya. We all are.

Brandon lets out a soft sigh then heads forwards, switching the frequency on his earpiece. Brandon: Hey, you guys there?

Coco, over the earpiece: Uh- yeah. What's up? Did you see it yet?

Brandon: More than that. Thing tried to attack me again, also I found a little guy.

Coco, over the earpiece: A little green guy?

Brandon: Actually... yes. (looks at Buddy, who purrs in response) Huh, weird. (turns back ahead) So got any ideas?

Coco, over the earpiece: Listen, maybe we should abort the mission like they said. We just might not be able to catch this one.

Brandon: That's your idea?

Coco, over the earpiece: Not really but we don't really have many options and I'd rather not get blown up in Area 51 of all places. Have you heard from Sarah yet?

Brandon: Uh no. Sarah, you there?

There's no response.

Coco, starting to sound worried: Sarah?

Sarah, over the earpiece, after a moment: Uh y-yeah, I'm here.

Coco: You alright? You sound... uneasy.

Sarah, over the earpiece: Yeah, I'm just- felt a little light headed. Did you guys make any progress?

Brandon, over the earpiece: Yeah, I was able to locate the creature but the thing pretty much tried to gnaw on me and Buddy.

Sarah: Who's Buddy?

Coco, over the earpiece: He met an alien.

Brandon, over the earpiece: It's a long story. Well, not really but we don't really have the time for that right now.

Sarah: How much time do we have left?

Coco, over the earpiece: I'd say about 15 minutes.

Sarah: Brandon...

Brandon, over the earpiece: I know. Time's running out and we're also running out of options. I just feel like I'm missing something here, something that should be obvious but it's just- not...

Sarah: It's only natural that you feel that way, Brandon. After all, that's in your instincts to do so. You're the hero.

Brandon: Yeah, I guess so. (break) Wait, wait- say that again.

Sarah, over the earpiece: You're the hero? I knew you had an ego but-

Brandon: No, the thing about instincts. And then you said something else too... earlier, about smell.

Sarah, over the earpiece: Yeah, but that was just a joke, Brandon.

Brandon: Maybe but I think I'm piecing something together here. You guys head on out of here, I have a theory and I need ten more minutes. Think you can buy me some time?

Sarah, over the earpiece: We'll try. Just... be careful.

Sarah then turns off her earpiece and takes a breath before heading back the way she came. Coco is then seen, turning off his earpiece, however the view zooms out from his face to show him assembling some kind of weapon.

Coco: Yeah, you're not the only one piecing something together...

The scene then cuts to Brandon and Buddy as they enter the storage room. Static is then heard, hurting Brandon's ear. He takes out the earpiece and tosses it. He then looks around, passing by stacks and sections of various alien technology as well as ordinary Earth objects with warning labels with readings attached to them. He then stands in the middle of the room after looking around and holds his head.

Brandon: There's so many things here, I'm never going to be able to find the one I'm looking for.

Brandon then turns his head and sees an open pod chamber that Buddy seems to be investigating for himself.

Brandon, rushing over: Good work, Buddy! (examining the pod) Alright, this looks like the thing that the creature might have been in. But Gates said that they scanned it already. I mean it wouldn't be the first time someone turned out to be inside a pod they found but- this is Area 51. They have powerful equipment here, they should've been able to detect if something were inside. Except it's undetectable to their sensors... of course, it's a smoke, a gas- it doesn't have a heart rate or a temperature to read. It hides itself... but become solid when it attacks.

Brandon further examines the pod, noticing that the door only closes from the outside.

Brandon: The door only closes from the outside. If that's the case then it would have had to attack the door in order to break out, becoming a solid. And if it had to become a solid in order to break out then the sensors would have been able to detect it. Which means... it didn't break out. Something or someone let it out from the outside...

Outside of the facility, Sarah emerges as the doors to the facility are opened. General Gates, Sergeant Johnson, Amanda Song and a couple of soldiers await for her and the others.

General Gates: Where's Brandon and Coco?

Sarah: Still inside, Coco should be coming soon but-

Sergeant Johnson: What about the other one?

Sarah takes a brief second to catch her breath.

Sarah: Sir, Brandon needs more time. He thinks he came up with something that'll help.

Sergeant Johnson: Time is something he doesn't have, now he better get out of there otherwise we're blowing this place to kingdom come. 

Sarah: Please, just give him a chance.

Sergeant Johnson: That's the one thing I won't give him. (pulls out radio) Get ready to light her up.

Coco then runs out, carrying his weapon. It looks like a laser blaster of some sorts.

Coco: I've got it.

Sergeant Johnson: Well, done.

He nods to a soldier who confiscates the weapon from Coco.

Sarah: What is that?

Coco: I was called up for a secondary mission. It's a contingency for the creature in case Brandon can't stop it in time.

Sergeant Johnson: Speaking of which, looks like time's up. But since we have the weapon in our possession- (pulls out radio) Hold the fire, I repeat, hold the fire. (to soldiers) I need a squadron ready, we're moving in.

Sarah: Wait what?

Coco: You want to do this now?

Sergeant Johnson: No time like the present, am I right? I'll give the weapon over to the engineering boys, see if they can up up the juice on it.

Coco: You said it was going to stun it.

Sergeant Johnson: I didn't get this far stunning people. Alright, men, move out!

General Gates looks nearly ashamed as the Sergeant moves ahead with a squadron of men. Coco: You can't let this happen, Gates.

General Gates: I'll... see what I can do. We should probably head inside and see if we can do anything to help.

Coco and Sarah head inside. Gates is about to follow but stops and turns to Amanda. She gives Gates a look, a look of sadness. Gates then turns back, saying and doing nothing, and proceeds inside of Area 51. Back in the storage room, Brandon can be seen pacing back and forth before the pod, thinking in a hurry.

Brandon: It couldn't have been a soldier. That just wouldn't make any sense, it kil- attacked all the soldiers it came across. It attacked the soldiers, the scientists, even us... except when it didn't. It didn't attack me once I turned into Loch Ness. But it wasn't because of the swamp smell, it was because of my smell. If it has animal instincts, it can track me through my scent so when I transformed, it gave me a new scent. So whenever I became Human again, it was able to follow my scent.  I guess that makes sense on how it keeps on finding me and why it keeps on attacking me. Except... if it attacks based on scent then why would it attack that mech? I mean, it's not organic, it doesn't have a scent- at least not one like a person. The only reason why it would attack it was to defend me but, wait, it wants to attack and defend me? No, I'm missing something here. No, it wants to attack me-

Brandon turns to Buddy who watches him innately.

Brandon: But it wanted to defend you. You recognized me from my smell just like the creature and you even found the pod...

A black mist then starts to surround Brandon slowly.

Brandon: I think I figured it out.

The black fog then starts to take shape into an animalistic creature. Brandon then notices the black fog surrounding him and turns around to see the creature take form. It looks as though it's about to attack him as it lets out a high-pitched shriek. Brandon then takes Buddy in his hands and holds him out in front of him. The creature's shriek then dies down as it lowers its shadowy head down as if to smell the alien. It lets out a low-growl. Buddy responds with a high-pitched purr mixed with his cry. The creature then responds to that with a purr of its own. Brandon then smiles as the creature wraps its dark tendrils around Buddy, not to entrap it but to hold it within its grasps. After a short moment, soldiers enter the room, armed, with Sergeant Johnson taking lead. Coco, Sarah and Gates soon follow in. One of the soldiers prepares to the fire at the creature with the advanced weapon that Coco whipped up but Brandon takes in the way.

Brandon: Wait!

The soldier turns to the Sergeant who notices but does not say anything. Brandon holds out his hands and looks to General Gates. Gates notices and turns to Johnson.

General Gates: Johnson.

The Sergeant turns to Gates, seeing his expression. He turns back to Brandon, as if thoroughly looking at him.

Sergeant Johnson: Hold your fire.

The soldier raises the weapon, its charge no longer building up.

Sergeant Johnson: What you have to say better be important, kid.

Brandon: I figured it out. What this thing is- it's not a monster... it's a mother.

General Gates looks surprised, as well as Coco and Sarah.

Brandon: Buddy- the uh- the small alien you had been giving medical care to is the offspring of the creature. When I found Buddy, he was crying out. I'm guessing it must have been happening around the same time the pod was activated, right? It's possible that the cry is what opened the pod, you can see there's some kind of lock on it and the door only opens from the outside. It recognizes people from scent which is it followed me around, I was with Buddy.

Sergeant Johnson: So, it's the Mother of your new friend, huh? Is that supposed to change something here?

Brandon: Yes. It's not a hostile like you think it is, Sergeant. It's not going after your weapons and whatever else you have here. I think it's an animal, it has animalistic instincts, it tracks through smell, communicates through purring. I've seen aliens like this, I know what I'm talking about. And like every other animal, we might not be able to communicate with it directly but we can at least try to form some kind of relationship with it so that it understands that we mean it no harm. Sergeant Johnson: So that's your idea, huh? We turn on our bellies and lay down our arms so it can see just how weak we are and attack us anyways?

Brandon: It only attacked you because it didn't know you were trying to take care of its child. I guess being our the soldiers put your scent on us and thought we were with you.

Sergeant Johnson: I see. Well then, I guess that's it then.

Sergeant Johnson turns to the soldier and takes his weapon from him. Brandon approaches.

Brandon: Okay, uh- I guess the Mechanics can take it over from here but I'm not sure how that would work with those policies you ment-

Sergeant Johnson pulls up the weapon, aiming it. Brandon then stops and looks confused. Johnson pulls the trigger and a blast is released from the weapon, firing a laser of some kind into the smoke-like body of the creature, causing it to burn from within. It lets out a shriek as if it was in pain and soon falls over. Brandon turns and sees this, everything becomes silent around him. Buddy hovers over the body, soon letting out a cry, one more of despair than a general cry. Brandon then turns slowly back to the Sergeant, not really looking at him directly.

Sergeant Johnson: Now, we're done here.

Brandon: ...You did it. You actually did it.

Johnson looks at him, almost proudly.

Brandon, looking at him now: You killed it. W-Why?

Sergeant Johnson: It needed to be done.

Brandon: That's it? It needed to be done? I just told you what you could've done! It wasn't our enemy.

Sergeant Johnson: No, it wasn't your enemy. That thing killed several of my men. Now the lives of my soldiers may not matter to you-

Brandon: I never said-

Sergeant Johnson: -But sure as heck matter to me. (to soldiers) Take the alien, put it back into containment. Take the body to the lab, prep it. Cancel the evac, get the operations back in order.

Soldiers: Yes, sir.

Brandon looks lost for a second then turns to Gates.

Brandon: Gates, you have to do something here.

General Gates remains silent, diverts his eyes from Brandon. Brandon continues looking at him.

Brandon: Gates!

General Gates, turning back to Brandon: What do you want me to do, Brandon?! This is normal procedure here, alright? It's like he said this needed to be done.

Brandon: You're a General, man. How can you stand this? How can you allow this to happen?

General Gates: Maybe it deserved it, okay? It killed soldiers, it ran through the base and slaughtered men. What happens if we let it live, if we let it lose on the world, imagine the lives it would have claimed. Something that powerful, that dangerous, doesn't deserve to exist outside of this facility and even keeping it here would have be a liability.

Brandon: I'm not saying that doesn't matter but it's an animal, Gates. It lashed out when it felt it's child being attacked. You wouldn't do the same thing if your child was in danger?

General Gates: ...Look, we're done here. Mission was a success. We'll call you if we need anything else.

Brandon: No. You won't. We're done.

General Gates: Wh-What are you talking about? What do you mean, we're done?

Brandon: This partnership or whatever we have, it's over. I can't work with G.E.I.T. or you if this is the kind of stuff that we're going to be dealing with. And I want this place shut down.

General Gates: Brandon-

Brandon: I'm serious. I don't care if it's Area 51, I don't care if it's you, this place shouldn't exist and the things you do here shouldn't be happening.

General Gates: You're supposed to be our allies.

Brandon: No, we were supposed to be your friends. But all you've been doing is lying to us. About everything. The stories about this place? They're all true, no- the things that happen here are worse than the stories. And you help run this place... and that- that's something we can't be apart of, not anymore. Now you can shut it down or I can shut it down for you.

General Gates: Are you threatening me? Because I don't think you realize where you are and who you're talking to.

Brandon just looks at Gates but Coco puts a hand on his shoulder. He turns to face him and Sarah. Sarah shakes her head. Brandon lets out a sigh. He turns back to Gates.

Brandon: I'm not someone you want to pick a fight with General.

General Gates looks at Brandon for a moment then looks around, seeing the soldiers just ready to raise their weapons.

General Gates, pulling out a radio: Song, get a copter ready. Our guests are leaving.

Brandon then walks past Gates followed Coco and Sarah, each give stares to Gates as they pass him. General Gates then turns and looks at the open pod and the burn mark on the floor. The scene then cuts to a helicopter, leaving Area 51. On board, Amanda sits with the team in the back. They all look upset. Amanda watches them with sad eyes.

Amanda: Hey, uh- it means anything, this was always my least favorite part of the job.

Brandon: ...Then why stay in the job?

Amanda: A job like this, it ain't easy to come around. You have to work your best, be your best just to get to the position you want. And it's fun doing what I do, the spy-work I mean. But then you get trusted with something like this, like Area 51. In this job, you're expected to stay in your place and not cross any lines but I crossed a line one day which set everything into perspective.

Brandon: And what was that?

Amanda: The day I first went to Area 51. Sure, I could've left. But this is the type of job where you can have your eyes on everyone or you could leave and have all eyes on you. But I'm loyal to the cause, loyal to the people... and I payed the price for it.

Brandon watches Amanda with more understanding eyes before turning to look out of the window once again. The helicopter soars by through the desert. The scene then fades to a wooden door. Just next to the door is a counter where a secretary is working. A figure walks up to the counter, causing the secretary to look up at him.

Secretary: Do you have an appointment?

Sergeant Johnson: He should be expecting me.

Secretary: Of course. Go right ahead.

Johnson nods and goes inside. Inside, is an office of some kind. Behind the desk, there's a chair facing the opposite direction.

Man, in the chair: Take a seat, close the door behind you.

Johnson does as the man tells him and closes the door behind him before taking a seat at the desk.

Man, in the chair: How is it progressing, Sergeant?

Sergeant Johnson: The asset has been re-acquired, in fact, we have found a way to keep its condition stabilized using components from the Mother.

The man is silent for a second.

Man, in the chair: Good. And the boy?

Sergeant Johnson: He no longer has an association with the government. Just like you wanted, Mr. C.

The man can barely be seen, as he lingers in the dark on his chair. But his shape can be made out to have his leg crossed over to other one and his hands clamped together with his fingers on his face. A smirk then appears on his face.

Mr. C, in the chair: Then everything is going according to plan.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Brandon and the team visit Area 51 for the first time
  • Brandon breaks off his connections with both General Gates and G.E.I.T.

Minor Events

  • Sarah starts hearing voices



  • Fog Creature/Raineon Mother (First Appearance) (Deceased)
  • Ana the Robber Boss (First Re-Appearance since The Original Series)

Aliens Used


  • This episode was released around the time of the seventh anniversary of Brandon 10.
  • This is the first episode of the fourth season of Ultimate Hero.
  • Ana the Robber Boss makes her first re-appearance since The Original Series.
  • Amanda Song makes her first animated appearance after appearing in Brandon 10: Ultimate Conquest.
  • While a villain that appeared previously on the show was planned to be used during the scene after the opening, Ana was not planned on being that villain. The role was actually considered to go to either the Bounty Hunter, Beetoleopa, Darksoul or Mega Knight. Funny enough, (mostly) all those villains had an episode together which wiped their chances of appearing in this episode. Others villains that were considered had either had appeared in an episode lately or their appearance wouldn't make since given their circumstances/character.
  • Brandon's comment about it being a year since they've returned is a reference to the year gap between Season 3 and Season 4.
  • It was revealed, in this episode, that it's been about a month since the events of Planet X.
  • Sarah's new look was added in at the last minute and was still, at the time, undecided if the change should be implemented or not. The reason it was added in was because Coco had gained a new look last season which was added upon to in this episode. With only one of the major characters having a design change, it felt more balanced to have the other do so as well.
  • The Raineon Cub may have been (unintentionally) influenced by Mooncake from Final Space.
  • The Mech Sentry was inspired by the ED-209 from Robocop.
  • Shadow was planned on being used in this episode, especially to fight off the creature in the end, but that scene was cut.
  • One of the scenes that didn't make it into the final version of the episode was Coco explaining that Buddy was a Raineon Cub and explains how the Raineons are raised on their own and once they mature, they vanish. It would have then been revealed towards the end that Raineons aren't raised on their own but by their parent(s) who are barely visible and, once a cub matures, it gains properties similar to their parent(s) such as low visibility which would explain their disappearance once they become adults.
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