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Green-Thumb is an alien to appear in the 2 part special Season Premiere of Hean 10.

Green Thumb
General Information
Species Luranian
Home World Luckzanzi
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Arobatic abilities, super small, very good luck
First Appearance TBA


Green Thumb has the ability to control luck at his finger tips. If in a bad situation, he just needs to snap his fingers and something ironic will happen to make the situation more lucky for Hean. With his small appearance, he can fit through small spaces and is not easy to be seen, somewhat sharing similarities to Grey Matter. He is very acrobatic, so he bend back very far and jump very high.


When night time, the luckiness of Hean's powers fades away due to the dissappearance of the sun. If the sun is not seen in the sky, Hean's ironic abilities will be no use.


Green Thumb is more of a white devil with clover designs all over. He is small, and has a long swift clover for a tail.

Appearance in Hean 10[]

  1. TBA
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