General Information
Species: Vryaco
Home World: Dasikere
DNA Source: Unknown
Body: Mossy Stone Golem
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Pillar Entrapment
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Limited Photosynthesis
Classification: Mineraloid
First Appearance: TBA

Grecarden is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vryaco from the planet Dasikere.

Grecarden is currently free-use.


Grecaden has the ability to entrap objects in wide stone pillars. Once entrapped, whatever active energy the object has will be drained out of them by the pillar. Living beings will go into a hibernative state where body processes all but shut down, with the pillar feeding them the minor energy they need to stay alive in this state. They will not age or degrade in health in any way during this process, making them a consistent source of energy.

Once these pillars are active, they will begin producing unique flowering plants that serve as Grecarden's primary food source, refilling his energy. At full energy, Grecarden is potentially strong enough to break through reinforced steel.

His stone body naturally gives him a fair amount of strength and durability even when he isn't full on energy.


Grecarden is a hunched, blocky alien with a stone body based on golems and covered with plant growth and Greek symbols. He has short legs but extremely long arms, with the arms having a row of spiral runes running alongside their outside face. His head is mounted on the front of his body, being relatively small and having a somewhat stern expression. The Omnitrix symbol is hidden in the bush on his back.


Grecarden's current energy levels are indicated by the blue glowing of the runes on his arms, and if he runs out of energy, he must be revived by an external force. While he can produce some of his own energy via photosynthesis from the mossy plants covering his body, it is only enough to keep him alive in a hibernative state of his own, and the majority of his energy must be consumed from external sources.

His stone body is fairly dense, making it difficult for him to move very quickly.



  • Grecarden's name is a combination of the words Greco and Garden.
  • Grecarden was inspired by Greek art designs and old ruins.
  • His species name is a combination of the Greek words "Vráchos Vrýa", which translate out to "Rock Moss".
  • His planet name is a combination of the Greek words "Dasiká ereípia", which translate out to "Forest ruins".

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