The Greatrix is a powerful weapon wielded by Finn in Finn 10: Fusion. It has all the aliens, but can fuse two aliens together, as shown at the end of every episode.



This mode is active mode. Finn can turn into aliens.


This mode is fusion mode. Finn selects two alien pictures and drags them to two squares. A portal opens. Finn and the two aliens jump into it, then the fusion comes out the other side.


This mode is fused mode. Fused aliens wear it.


This mode is self-destruct mode. There is a time bomb. If set for ten seconds, it destroys itself. If set for twenty seconds, it destroys itself and the owner. If set for twenty-five seconds, it destroys the country. If set for an hour, it destroys the continent. If it is set for fifty hours, it destroys the planet. If set for a month, it destroys the galaxy. If set for a year, it destroys the universe.


This mode is capture mode.


This mode is off mode. The Greatrix isn't on anyone's wrist.

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