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Great Red is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Leolithian from the planet Derpiteuthis.


Great Red has a shark-like appearance.

Great Red has a red skin tone with a light red underbelly. His face is quite sharp with two green eyes on either side of his head. He has many sharp teeth coming from his jaw. His front two fins have cuts in them, seemingly battle scars. His dorsal fin is also notched. He has two smaller fins, which are not cut. He wears a green belt and has a fish-like tail.

Great Red wears the Omnitrix symbol on his belt.


Great Red's voice is high-pitched.

Powers and Abilities

Great Red can breathe underwater, making him more of an aquatic threat. He can also swim well at high speeds, being able to dive deep and rush enemies underwater.

Great Red can utilize his teeth to bite into objects, crushing and cutting things as hard as solid steel, and can latch on to enemies with his incredible bite force.

Great Red's protective hide is very durable, withstanding many powerful energy-based attacks and physical attacks. It is also extremely hard to cut.

Great Red is very strong, being able to carry a human, giving him enhanced dexterity as well. He can hold multiple humans on his back to act like a submarine without oxygen, or a surfboard.

Great Red is skilled at hand-to-hand combat and can fight very well underwater, being able to battle on par with a Morphian.

Great Red can jump very high out of the water, similar to actual sharks. He can surprise an enemy by jumping out of the water and biting on to them.

Great Red can levitate off the ground and skydive.

Great Red is immune to the laser beams or ink of a Squidlian. He can also survive in space.


Other than levitation, Great Red has no other way to maneuver on land.

Great Red cannot breathe on land due to having gills.


Great Red comes from great white, referencing his shark-like appearance and red, referencing his color.


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