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Gray Trunk is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Haathee from the planet Shataran. He is a free use alien.


Gray Trunk is a humanoid elephant that is approximately 12 feet tall. He has pale gray skin and a long trunk with small ivory teeth. He has a hat with the Omnitrix symbol on it. His feet have three toes each.

Powers and Abilities

Gray Trunk's trunk has a high crushing strength. He can rip trees out of the ground and lift his own weight.

Despite having a heavy upper body, Gray Trunk appears to be able to walk on two feet. He is even able to sprint, moving diagonal lines.

Gray Trunk's large ears allow him to hear sounds inaudible for a human or other species.


Gray Trunk's hearing makes him sensitive to loud sounds.

To balance himself, Gray Trunk is forced to move diagonally, else he might fall.


If Gray Trunk is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


If Gray Trunk is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


Gray Trunk is a direct reference to his trunk.


  • Gray Trunk's hat is based off medieval bishops.
  • Gray Trunk is similar to Trumbipulor in term of concept, as he is also an elephant-like alien.
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