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General Information
Species Galvan
Home World Galvan Mark II
Residence Plumber headquarters
Age 820
Affiliations Terry (friend), Lucy (friend), Azmuth (Mentor/Boss)
Occupation(s) Temporary Protector of the Galaxy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Galvan: Intelligence, Human : ability to transform(Omnitrix)
Equipment Omnitrix
Alias Gray

Gray is the hero in Gray 10. He first appeared in Ultimate thinker. He is a Galvan from the planet Gavan Mark II, though wearing the Omnitrix turned him into a human.


He looks like ben but his shirt and shoes are colored half green and half blue. Even his left eye is blue while his right eye is green.


As a Galvan he designed most of the planets security system and contributed fact in making the New Omnitrix. He disagrees with Azmuth about the Omnitrix and is involved in the events leading to Azmuth death. He is saddened by it and protects the galaxy in Ben's absence.

Powers and Abilities

When he was a Galvan , he was considered very intelligent and when he gained the Omnitrix he was transformed into a human his intellect wad decreased but had the ability to transform.


Family: Unknown parents

Friends: Terry, Lucy


  • He is supposed to appear in all the episodes


  • Even though his name is Gray he prefers the color blue.


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