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Gravitron: Gravity Manipulating species of Imad 10.

Race: Pondusane
Homeplanet: Gravinekt


Gravity Manipulating Alien of Imad 10

True form : not revealed

Appearance: The Omnitrix's transformation is encased in a cosmonaut suit that limits its powers, and prevents the cosmic radiation it emanates from poisoning the surroundings.

Powers: Wide control over gravity, can manipulate the gravitational center of anyone / anything; can increase or decrease gravitational pull in an area within limits.

Pondusanes are free spirits who do whatever they please, whenever they feel like it, with little to no people being able to stop them from doing so, due to their immense power. However, those among them who take the dark path are imprisoned by their peers in special suits that greatly hinder their power.

Ultimate Form[]

Ultimate Gravitron is the evolved form of this alien.

Ult Grav

First, the suit around its true form changes appearance into a more complex bluish one. It no longer acts as a power inhibitor, but as a power amplifier, but keeps its old functions of preventing any radiation leaks. The alien now possesses near-absolute control over the fundamental forces of gravity, which it can harness to shoot destructive cosmic energy blasts. Finally, it has the capacity to control, and even create black holes. Due to its dominion over one of the fundamental forces of nature, this alien is considered god-like.

Watch out! I'm Gravity Guy! A similar name.[]