General Information
Species Tristia
Home World Gravitatious
Body Metallic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Gravity Control
First Appearance A Sordid Story (past)
Absolute Knowledge (current)

Gravitar is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Gravitar's abilities include:

  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Hard Metallic Shell


Gravitar is a humanoid alien with superficial similarities to a robot. He has a "furnace grill" on his chest, out of which radiates red gravitational energy. He is covered with venting harness that wicks heat away from his body while his powers are in use. He has lightning shaped eyes and a red gem on his forehead. The SpecTrix symbol is on his abdomen.


Gravitar's gravity abilities create large amounts of heat while in use, and if his venting harness is ever broken, he can end up overheating and potentially cooking himself alive inside his shell.

Planet and Species Information

Gravitar is a Tristia from the planet Gravitatious. Tristia are extremely territorial, and will fight to the death to keep intruders off of their land. Their planet is mostly a rocky plain, though forests aren't entirely rare occurrences. Predators have learned to keep away from the Tristia for the most part thanks to their tendency to defend themselves by crushing the enemy into a cube.


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