Gravattack is the Omnimatrix V's DNA sample of a Galilean from Keplorr.


Gravattack is a large, bulky, planet-like being. His skin is rocky, and colored maroon. He has a giant mouth, with white teeth.  Gravattack's has three hands and one four, with the inside of his hands being tan-colored. He has three toes, which are tan-colored also.

Gravattack's main feature is his chest, which has a molten lava rocky core at the middle of it. He wears black shorts with white stripes and a green belt. Gravattack has blue colored eyes, with the Omnimatrix V on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities


Gravattack can manipulate gravity, allowing him to change the weight and motion of objects. He can suspend and levitate targets, or even change it's direction. When doing this he creates a field of energy, which he can then manipulate and use to his advantage.

Gravattack can change the speed of objects, using the force of relativity to his advantage. He has to be careful though, as this can create black holes. He can levitate, becoming a planetoid sphere, which allows objects to float around him, like an orbit. He can even survive in space, with little to no issues.

Gravattack has many other abilities, that even he doesn't know about.


Gravattack can take large damage to his core, which will cause him to go into a 'meltdown' state and explode.

Gravattack has less mobility in smaller places, making it hard for him to move due to his size.

Gravattack's orbit can be thrown off.

Gravattack cannot stop someone from using energy.

Gravattack can create black holes, which he cannot uncreate.


  • Gravattack is probably Buster's favorite aliens. His gravity abilities allow h
  • It is possible for Gravattack to use a much worse, much bloodier version of Gravitational Compression. Joan Ryder herself mentions that Gravattack DEFINITELY could, which horrifies Rush, and Pike.
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