AC Gravattack.png
General Information
Species Galilean
Home World Keplorr
Body Planet
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Gravakinesis
Voice Actor David Kaye
First Appearance Crossover Nexus: Rewritten

Gravattack is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Galilean from the planet Keplorr in Ben 10: Access Granted.


Gravattack is literally a living planet. He is a large, bulky, reddish-brown alien with rocky skin, a giant mouth with teeth that are also made of rocks, and a molten lava planet core at the center of his body. His feet are tan with three toes, and he has three fingers and one thumb on each hand. He wears black shorts with blue stripes, a blue belt with white stripes and the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities

Gravattack can control gravity to manipulate the weight and motion of objects, allowing him to suspend and levitate targets in the air, send them flying back or forth, or slam them down to the ground with naught but hand gestures. His control over gravity allows him to change its direction, allowing him to telekinetically send targets flying upwards or across the air as if they were falling.

Gravattack can place objects into his own orbital track, causing them to fly in circles at various speeds he chooses. When using his powers, he emits an aura of hazy energy.

Gravattack possesses all his other abilities from the show.


If he takes large amounts of damage to his core, it can cause Gravattack immense pain. This will also make him to enter meltdown and explode, which can be dangerous enough to destroy the whole area he is in.

He has all his other weaknesses from the show.


Gravattack held down Red Strike in Crossover Nexus: Rewritten.



  • Gravattack’s image was made by Ultra for Gravattack Fest.
  • Gravattack Fest is also why he's even in the series.
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