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Graphic Violets
Graphic Violets 2018.png
General Information


Home Planet:



Humanoid Cicada

Other Info

Holographic Projections
Hardlight Projections
Loud Chirping
Enhanced Durability


No UV Light

Graphic Violets is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cicatropa from the planet Construictura.


Graphic Violets is a humanoid, cicada-like creature. His body is mostly a pale green-teal. He has a stinger of the same color. On his back is a black shell with two blue wings that come out from under it. He has eight light blue limbs, two of which are his long, thin legs. The other six are his short arms, with four pale blue fingers. He has four, large, red compound eyes that stick off the sides of his head. He wears the Simplicitrix symbol on his chest.


  • Graphic Violets main power is his ability to manipulate ultraviolet rays into projections of himself. These can be either holographic or hard light. He can also make projections of other people and objects.
  • Graphic Violets has the power of flight.
  • Graphic Violets can let out loud chirping noises.
  • Graphic Violets has enhanced durability thanks to his exoskeleton.


  • If Graphic Violets has no UV light available to manipulate, he cannot create any projections.






  • Graphic Violets' name is a play on "graphic violence" and "violet," in reference to ultraviolet light.
  • Graphic Violets' species name is a play on "cicada" and the Latin word "atropa," meaning belladonna, a reference to Blake Belladonna from RWBY who has similar powers.
  • Graphic Violets planet name is a play on "construct" and the Latin word "proiectura," meaning project.


  • Graphic Violets' design was based on concept art for Stinkfly.
  • Graphic Violet's powers are a play on how cicadas leave behind their shedded exoskeletons.
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