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  • Scene starts with Max looking at the strange device and sighing

{Max} Here we go again. With the aliens and the plumbers. * sigh *

  • Droid crashes infront of Max and goes into battle form * Give me the omnimatrix!
  • Max presses green button and turns and see the shape of a tetramand on the screen of the device, and calmly presses the top down. *

Theme song

Minutes before

* Scene starts with Ben and Gwen in the rustbucket, talking. *

{Ben} Why is grandpa taking so long to come back? What if he broke his leg, or, or, or, he could be dead. GWEN *Grabs her shoulders* OUR GRAND FATHER IS DEAD!

  • Gwen does nothing but stare with a twitch at Ben *

{Gwen} 1. It's only been 10 minutes. 2. * hits Ben off of her * You desserve that. 3. Shut up, please.

  • Ben begins ranting. *

{Gwen} FINE!!! We can go look for him as long as you shut up!!!

{Ben} Ok, that sounds fair.

  • Scene ends with the two children walking into the woods *

  • Scene begins with droid shooting energy blasts at a strange four-armed figure *

{Strange figure} I am Max Tennyson! Magister ranked plumber and now weilder of the Omnitrix!

  • Max jumps up high but falls hard into the ground, because of a bad back *

{Max} Ohhhhh, my back!

{Droid} Surrender the omnitrix and you're planet will be sparred.

{Max} I don't think I will * Jumps back on feet at runs to the nearest tree, and tears it out. And hits the droids head off * THAT is for Earth.


Foursnore By Ahmad15

Dun dun duuuun

  • Max is back from him being an overweight Tetramand with a bad back, to being a overweight Human with a bad back *

{Max} Hmm... Azmuth, why do you trust me so much?

{Ben & Gwen} Grandpa!!!

  • Scene starts with everyone in the rustbucket *

{Max} Guys, you'll need to go back to you're homes, this is a bad time for family road trips.

{Ben} Ok! Fine with me I need to wash my one pair of underwear, it's been pee'd on like four times today!

{Gwen} No, Grandpa please! We saw everything! We saw you turn into that, that monster! We can learn how to defend ourselfs. You could teach u--

  • Gwen is interupted by Ben *

{Ben} I named that one monster thingy, Foursnore! Cause, he has fourarms, and you snore so it is like an awesome name!