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  • Rath Order

    Credit to Ahmad15

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    Majar payn

    Episode starts with Max timed out and the strange alien about to throw a stump at him *

{Max} C'mon omnitrix! It's been almost ten minutes, I can't hold him off for much longer!

  • Suddenly, the omnitrix is fully charged once more *

{Alien} Come here puny human! I wanna introduce myself... With you.

  • Max picks up a small tree branch and walks closer to the alien, and is ready to slam the omnitrix when needed *

  • Scene starts with the tiger alien and Ben and Gwen staring at each other *

{Tiger} C'mon! Talk I'm getting soooooo bored!

  • Gwen looks at Ben then back at the tiger alien *

{Gwen} Hi.

  • The tiger alien raises his eyebrow *

{Tiger} Hi?! HI?! NO MORE STALLING!!!

{Ben} Hi.

  • The tiger roars at Ben and Gwen *
  • Everyone is quiet for a hour *

{Tiger} Hi.

  • Scene starts with Max and and the alien are sitting on a log sitting together *

{Max} Majar Paane! I'm so happy my old pal is back! But wait, wheres Ramses? And why were you attacking me?

{Paane} Heh. Well he's staying at our cabin, with two children. And, I wanted to see if you're still in shape.

{Max} Oh, good those are most likely my grandchildren. But one more question for you Paane.

{Paane} Alright. What's up?

{Max} Why are you and Ramses here?

{Paane} Vilgax is back. So lemme see you're arm please. * Max gives Paane his left arm * Lemme give you a DNA sample of a Appoplexian. He's bringing a pretty powerful foe, a Tokustar.

{Max} And where are all the plumbers in this mess?

{Paane} Remember? They said Earth has no threats, and dropped Earth from the Protection list.

{Max} And when will this happen?

{Paane} Now.

  • Suddenly, about five droids appear through the woods *

{Max} Time to try out Appoplexian Max! * Max slams the omnitrix lid on the tiger alien outline.