Gorzarians (pronounced Go-zar-ian) are Fishfry's species from the aquatic planet Atlantia.


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Powers and Abilities

Despite their appearance, Gozarians are quite capable of defending themselves. They are incredibly fast while in water, and can briefly survive on land. However, it has not been tested how long a Gozarian can stay on land for without having to go in water. It most likely depends on their age, and their experience with being on land.

Gozarians can cut through traps with their teeth or the sharp tip on the top of their heads. Their claws can also temporarily stun attackers. Most Gozarians can channel water, similar to Water-bending from the Avatar series.


If a Gozarian has little experience with being on land, or is too young, they may die from dehydration.

Gozarians can easily be distracted, although as they get older, their attention span gets wider, lowering the chance of them getting distracted.


The Gozarians do have a predatory species, the Ulonarians, otherwise known as Rayosherk's species.

Notable Gozarians

  • Fishfry (Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Gozarian)


  • Some Gozarians worship the Tiffin for surviving being eaten, and creating a tasty energy drink.
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