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Upchuck (original)

Gourmand (from "gourmet", associated with food) is a species from the planet Peptos XI.


Gourmands are small creatures with hippo-shaped heads, stubby limbs, 4-fingered hands, 3-toed feet, stubby tails, 6 spherical growths on the back of their head, and gill-like facial markings. However, there have been 2 known age-dependent appearances shown. 10-year old Gourmands are green all over with a black suit that covers all but the head, tail, belly and fingers. They have black eyes with white pupils, a darker-green spot on the top of their head, and disturbingly misshapen teeth.15-year old Gourmands lack the suit. They are swampy-green, have tan bellies and muzzles, black digits, and black-green spots on their tails, limbs, hips and back. Their eyes are now more narrow, and are pupil-less with all one color. Also, their teeth are now more aligned with visibly sharp canine teeth. They also have higher voices.

Powers and Abilities

Gourmands have strong eating abilities, with 7 acid-filled stomachs, diamond-hard teeth , elastic stomachs, bellies and mouths, and 4 long, adhesive tongues. They are able to eat anything inorganic, like metal, rocks, fluids, etc., but are unable to eat Earth foods ("Oh great! I'm a bottomless pit, and I can't digest the good stuff!"), but it appears they can digest Earth drinks, which is shown when Upchuck drank a Mr.Smoothie brand smoothie. They can swallow very large objects and digest them in seconds. After digesting something, Gourmands can vomit glowing spheres of acid that explodes upon touching anything. They also have great stamina for their size, such as surviving being hit by a car, skidding across a concrete road for a decent distance, and crashing through a brick wall.


Known Gourmands

  • Upchuck (The Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Perk and Murk Gourmand)
  • Vomit Man (Dimension 23 counterpart of Upchuck)
  • Gourmands from Tummy Trouble
  • Queen Voratia Rumbletum

Fan Fiction Gourmands


  • There are actually two species of Gourmands, the Perks and the Murks.


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