The Gorun'd (pronounced "Gore-un-d") are Rockslide's species in Bryce Bowman: Origins. The live on the planet Rublem.


Gorun'd are a large, reptilian aliens, whose bodies are composed of rock.

They have four, massive arms that usually rest out in front of their bodies.

They have huge talons on their fingers and rocks and spikes protruding out from almost their entire bodies.

They have short tails.

Their bodies have various placings of rock armor all over them.


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Earthquake Generation
  • Shockwave Generation.


They are a good twenty feet tall, so fitting in small areas are not an option.

They cannot all regenerate, although it are known for older Gorun'd to do so.

They are relatively slow in normal movements, not to the point of massive disadvantage, but it will hinder them slightly.

Their rock armor can be cracked, with enough force.

Noteable Gorun'd

  • [[Rockslide (Earth-90)|Rockslide]


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