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Official Goop
General Information
Species Polymorph
Home World Viscosia
Body Various
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Body Alteration



Acidic Slime

Slime Projection


Flight (Anti-Gravity Projector)

First Appearance The Evil Within

Goop is the Alpha-Omegatrix's DNA sample of a Polymorph from Viscosia.


Goop is a humanoid pile of red goop that can take any shape.

Goop wears the Alpha-Omegatrix symbol on his chest.

Me turning into Goop

Goop's Hologram


Goop controls his slime with his Anti-Gravity Projector, if Goop and the Anti-Gravity Projector are separated by at least two feet, Goop's body will become inert until the Anti-Gravity Projector recollects it.

Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector allows Goop to take any shape and fly.

Goop can manipulate his Anti-Gravity Projector to fly away and cut enemies.

Goop can throw a blob of goo at the enemy, spray acid from his hand like a hose, and spin his feet around to damage nearby enemies.

If Goop loses his Anti-Gravity Projector when going through an obstacle, the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix can create a new one instantly.

Goop is able to fire slime with acidic or sticky properties upon impact.

Goop can use his acid like abilities to destroy nearly anything.


Goop is limited to his Anti-Gravity Projector controlling his body. If it is separated by two feet, more or turned off, Goop's body goes completely inert.

It is shown Goop can be hurt by being spun really fast.

Because of his slime body, the Alpha-Omegatrix/Dominatrix/Legendatrix/Simplicitrix can be easily pulled off, reverting Goop to normal, and decoupling the Alpha-Omegatrix/Dominatrix/Legendatrix/Simplicitrix from the user.

Upgrade can "possess" Goop by merging with his anti-gravity projector.

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