General Information
Species: Polymorph
Home World: Viscosia
DNA Source: Unknown Polymorph
Body: Amorphous Liquid
Alternate Counterparts: Goop
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Slime Physiology
Acid Body
Classification: Aqua
Voice Actor: Dee Bradley Baker
This is the main version of Goop used on Earth-83. He primarily appears in Ben 10: Milky Way Race.


Goop's abilities include:

  • Slime Physiology
    • Goop's body is an amorphous slime, allowing him to shapeshift and slip through small spaces.
  • Acid Body
    • Goop can make his slime body acidic, allowing him to dissolve various objects.
  • Regeneration
    • Goop can quickly regenerate his body, allowing him to shoot streams of acidic slime at his opponents with no ill effects.


Goop retains his Omniverse appearance for the most part, his body being turned a deeper emerald.


Goop's body becomes completely inert if separated from his Anti-Gravity Projector, leaving him defenseless.


  • Re:Start - Used to escape the grasp of a Sand Ripper.
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