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General Information
Species Polymorph
Home World Viscosia
Body Various
Ultimate Form Ultimate Goop
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Indestructibility
Gookinetic Shapeshifting
Slime Generation
Adhesive Slime
Acidic Slime
Slippery Body
Body Alteration
Body Separation
Movable Eyes
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility
Underwater Breathing
Wall Scaling
Density Shifting
Heat Resistance
Object Mimicry
Small Space Maneuvering
Equipment Anti-Gravity Projector
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Goop is the Infinimatrix's DNA sample of a Polymorph from the planet Viscosia in Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse. He is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Goop.


Goop has his Alien Force/Ultimate Alien appearance, but the dark green parts in his body are split into smaller parts and are more detailed, now being colored different shades of green, similar to his pre-production appearance. His head shape is slightly different. Like his Omniverse appearance, he has extra bits of slime protruding from his arms. His colors match the color palette of Heroes United.

His Anti-Gravity Projector has its Alien Force/Ultimate Alien appearance.

Transformation Sequence

Ben slams down the Infinimatrix's dial and is engulfed in a green light.

As the transformation track begins playing, Ben hovers in a dark green background with light green bubbles pulsating rapidly behind him. His body adopts a slimy texture as it melts into a puddle. The puddle turns green and slowly builds itself into a humanoid shape as two four-fingered arms and two legs grow out of his body. A swirly-shaped head forms out of the center of the body and two green eyes form on his face. A white UFO-shaped device appears above his head and the Infinimatrix symbol pops out of his chest. Goop holds his arms out in front of him, posing heroically, completing the transformation.

Powers and Abilities

Goop is indestructible, making it difficult to defeat him by attacking his body.

Goop is able to generate and shoot slime from any part of his body. The slime he generates can either be acidic or adhesive. He can shoot it in continuous streams similar to a water hose or in blob-like projectiles. He is even capable of spitting out either slime or acid despite having no visible mouth.

Goop is capable of making himself and his touch acidic at will. His acid is also able to dissolve a large variety of materials.

Goop can stretch, bend and deform himself into any shape or form.

Due to being made of slime, Goop can hold objects inside his body. He can also do this with individuals to protect them.

Goop can produce multiple slime tentacles from his body to grab multiple opponents.

Goop can regenerate and rebuild himself with ease.

Goop possesses enhanced strength and can increase the impact power of his attacks by stretching himself backwards and using the recoil to launch enemies with a single punch.

Goop can breathe underwater.

Goop can change his density depending on his desire.

Goop can pass under an enemy's foot in order to make them slip.

Goop can stick and scale on walls without difficulty.

Goop can survive in intense heat, such as the one on his home planet Viscosia.

Goop can mimic the shape of simple objects to fool an opponent.

Similar to Ghostfreak, Goop has movable eyes.


Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector allows him to change his shape, form, length, width, and height at will, as well as granting Goop the ability to fly and levitate. If Goop loses his Anti-Gravity Projector, the Infinimatrix can immediately generate a new one.

Goop can control and launch his Anti-Gravity Projector at enemies to attack them due to the edges of it being razor-sharp. In fact, if Goop is fast enough with his Anti-Gravity Projector, he can temporarily prevent a Methanosian from regenerating.

Thanks to his Anti-Gravity Projector, Goop is capable of high-speed flight.


Goop is limited to his Anti-Gravity Projector controlling his body. If it is separated from him by more than two feet, Goop's body collapses into an immobilized puddle until it recollects it. He can only struggle to move since he cannot change shape or make appendages to move without his Anti-Gravity Projector.

Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector can be disabled by a shot from a Positron Blaster, which makes him spin around extremely quickly and then separate into multiple parts.

Goop can be hurt if he is spun really fast in a centrifuge, which will cause him to begin separating into his constituent compounds.

Goop cannot regenerate if he is being continuously attacked.

Goop is vulnerable to suction.

Goop is vulnerable to an Evolved Galvan's energy beams.

Goop can be affected by a Nemuina's sleeping dust.

Goop is vulnerable to being hypnotized.


Missing Pieces



  • Despite the fact that the Infinimatrix symbol is on Goop's chest, it has a much stronger bond with his slime, making it impossible to remove.
  • Goop's Anti-Gravity Projector isn't part of his Polymorph biology; he just has one due to the difference of gravity between Viscosia and Earth. The projector is created using the same mechanism in which nanomachines break down Ben's clothing during his transformations.
    • It is made of the same material as NRG's containment suit.
    • Unlike its canon equivalent, it cannot be turned off.
  • Goop has his original voice without the static.
  • Ben believes Goop's voice prevents others from taking him seriously.

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