Gooey as his name is a Polyshift (meaning many shifts) from Lexicon Delta. Polyshifts are created from a pit of lava which burst out from the surface. Ben likes being Gooey because of his ability to change in any form (in the state of goo). Gooey can also stretch its arms to punch an enemy. He is the first alien to be used in the series.


Like Goop, he is filled with 10 tons of goop without a UFO controller. Gooey's body is blue. Gooey can use super-powers like Shape-shifting, Super-strength and stretching. Polyshifts are able to survive in any form of Temperature thus surviving in water, air or freezing wasteland. Although Gooey is made of 10 tons of Goop, Animo in "Rush Rescue" shot the laser causing Gooey to fly in the air; this may be possible that their goop is a type of floating liquid though in Beware, Ben changes into Gooey in space which his goop remains stationary.


Prestogooey is same as Gooey except his Omnitrix symbol is on his head; his goop is more in a tint of blue.

Ultimate Gooey

The Ultratrix upgraded Gooey into a new form, Ultimate Gooey. He now has two big boulders at his back which he can shoot an endless attack of goops. That will appear in Ben 10: Ultimate Omnitrix 2.O. Gooey speaks in a ghostly voice.


  • Shapeshifting
  • Stretching
  • Invulnerablity
  • Flight (still skeptical)
  • Superstrength


If he stays in water for a long time, he will dissolve.

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