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Good copy good copy? is the first episode of Mark 12 Evoultions the tilte is a refrence to albedo turning good.

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The episode starts with Albedo in Azmuths lab and A Core is in mass secruity storage its the megatrix in the hands of Albedo!

Then another scene shows Mark and Ben Fightng a Techadon robot And Mark goes Ultimate Canonbolt

and Ben goes Goop they fight and Goop is holding him and mark goes Mega and beats the robot they both transform back.

Then Albedo shows up saying I missed all the action ben gets out the omnitrix and mark says STOP!

Hes got the Megatrix Albedo interupts saying Im good now Mark Then points out that his eye did not twich when he said that.

Oh than why do you have Mark's omnitrix Mark interupts saying MEGATRIX!!! Ben finshes.

Albedo than states i did not have an Utimatrix anymore i needed somthing.

True Mark said.

Than another robot comes in Ben gets out the Ultimatrix and goes Juryrig Mark goes Upgrade Albedo goes Brainstrorm.

Mark takes over the robot but Mark has a hard time containg it so he went ultimate contaning it ben brakes it brainstorm reprograms Upgrade goes MEGA.

Upgrade finishes The job.

Than the episode Ends with albedo saying Now you believe me.