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Golden Divide
General Information
Species Teilen
Home World Dispartio
Body Armored Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Absolute Division
Equipment Air Filter
Alien Number 14
Namesake A reference to the mathematical 'Golden Ratio'
First Appearance Nikopol

Golden Divide is an alien from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Golden Divide's abilities include

  • Absolute Division
    • This ability allows him to generate a large, razor-like 'wave' of microscopic electromagnetic energy that can cut through just about anything.
  • Division Sealing
    • Golden Divide can reseal the divisions he creates at any time by pushing the divided parts of the object back together.
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Durability


Golden Divide is a 6-foot humanoid alien wearing a suit of golden armor. He has two horseshoe-shaped eyes, a rebreather mouthpiece that connects to an 'intake' on his left shoulder blade, and a pack of some sort on his back. His right shoulder is covered by a curved shoulderpad, and he wears a belt with the Intergalactic Peace Symbol on it. The StarTrix Requiem symbol is on his belt.


Though stronger, faster, and more agile than a human, he's still heavily outclassed in those areas by many other transformations.




  • Golden Divide was originally going to be named 'Zero Divide', but the name was changed to something more phonetically pleasing.
  • Golden Divide's appearance is a reference to the Japanese franchise Kamen Rider.
  • Golden Divide is the first Star Spirit alien not to be named after a song.
  • Golden Divide was the first alien used from the 'Destroyer Set'.
  • Golden Divide has a battle cry he shouts while performing an attack rush. The cry begins with "DIVIVIVI", repeats "VI" until he ends the attack rush, and finishes with "VIIIIDE!"

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