Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix (Reboot)
Season 1, Episode 4
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When Ben goes to Antartica to help the endangered penguins from Animo he gets stuck underwater so he must stay in water-breathing alien form or else he'll drown. Also Animo is mutated to an evil Piscis Volann.


Ben, as Swirls was flying high over Bellwood. The constuction on Bellwood was improving. The new Bellwood would be named Omnitrix City. Swirls Fusetrix symbol blinked. Swirls picked it up. It was Grandpa Max.

Max: Ben, Animo is mutating endangered penquins in Antartica. You need to help them before Animo has an army of them!

Theme Song!

Swirls transformed back into Ben then got into the Rustbucket |||. He flew into orbit then straight back down. He landed on a giant glacier. Ben transformed. He turned yellow, beastoid then his eyebrows grew thicker. His arms and legs turned into spoons.

Ben: Ek!

Ek sniffed around and then spotted Animo yelling at a baby penguin. Ek got mad. He jumped up and shot a pineapple which hit Animo in the head. Ek rolled on his side into a Fusion Gun then shot it at Animo. Animo was transformed into a Pissiciss Volann. Ek fell in the water then the Glacier blocked the top.

Ek: (Transforms) Ripjaws!

Ripjaws punched at it. No use. Animo came around and punched Ripjaws.

Ripjaws: This isn't working. I need some more power if I am to get out of here! (Transforms) AmpFibian!

He shot a beam of electricity but electrocuted himself, changing him into Ben which he couldn't breath so he changed into Squidstrictor. He inked the water which blinded Animo.

Squidstrictor: Animo can't see huh?

Squidstrictor changed into Swirls. Swirls rammed Animo with air pressure. He threw some bombs at the glacier. Still no effect. Swirls turned into a tornado then hovered up as fast as he could. He bashed his head. Swirls blasted Animo which sent him away. For a while at least. Swirls changed into Water Hazard. Water Hazard tried to take away the moisture from the ice but still it was to thick.

Water Hazard: This is very annoying!

He blasted hot steaming water on it but still, no effect! Ben later tried Big Chill and Jetray but still had no effect. Jetray: Animo should've attacked me by now. Maybe he turned back human and drowned.

He shot lasers at the glacier again and it melted. The Fusetrix timed out. Ben swam. He lost his breath and Animo attacked him. Ben kicked the Pissiciss Volann and with the last of his strength swam upward. He jumped up just as the glacier covered the tiny hole again. Animo yelled and slammed his fist on the thick ice. Ben saw a penguin. He threw a fish at it. The pengiun caught it, and wobbled away.

Ben; Later Animo.The plumbers will be here in about 19 weeks. This is Antartica y'know.

Animo: (Muffled) Tennyson!


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