Drawn to reply to somebody's question about what would happen should Imad have merged with the Ascalons from all the timelines. Never been used

This is an unseen but possible form in Imad 10. I was asked what would happen if Imad in the story fused with the power of more than 5 Ascalons from other dimensions, i replied that he would have a similar armor to his Divine Knight form, but with much more power. Another asked what would be the result of fusing with Infinite Ascalons from Infinite timelines, the result would be a form so powerful Imad would become the strongest creature in all this Reality (NOTE: The whole Universe of Imad 10 is ONE REALITY), even among beings from higher planes from this reality. In this form, Imad is naturally Immortal and omniscient, and can only be killed or even hurt by a being with equal or more power.This is the God Form (IT ISN'T ANYTHING NEAR THE REAL GOD'S POWER THOUGH) , But in the afterlife in the final epilogue, Imad as an angel was blessed from God with far greater than this form's , to assume his position as an angel of Justice.

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