Go away is the second episode of Deo 12.

Deo 12
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date Unknown
Written by FlameStrike96
Directed by FlameStrike96
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Deo is having a dream

(A voice): Oh Deo. Come to me

(Deo): No. No no

(The Voice): Come! You know u wanna

(Deo): No!

Jack wakes him up

(Deo): What? Where? When?

(Jack): Dude, you falled a sleap again

(Deo): i'm having thease dreams. Oh

(Christie): Deo, you coming

(Deo): Oh yeah sure. lets go!

they walk outside

(Christie): Deo, why did you falled a sleap again

(Deo): Idk. i have thease dreams

(Christie): Dreams? Come on u need some help

They go to Christie's house

(Christie): Now just relax

(Deo): K

She goes away and Deo falls a sleap?

(The voice): Deo, Deo, Come to me

(Deo): Where are you?

(The Voce): In front of you

A gigat face comes towords Deo. Deo screams. Christie comes in

(Christie): Deo, U ok

(Deo): No, no, i had that dream again

(Christie): Just breath

(Deo): k

Jack runs in

(Jack): Deo, ... Come... fast.. Villain... attack...

(Deo): What whit the Who now?

(Jack): A villain .... is attacking the city.

(Deo): Why didn't u say so?

Deo runs to the town

(Deo): Where is the villain, Jack?

(Jack): There!

(Deo): Ahhh! it's the gigant face ugly guy

(The ghost hunter): I am The ghost hunter.

(Deo): Are u the one giving me theese dreams?

(The ghost hunter): what dreams? oh yeah 

(Deo): Why?

(The ghost hunter): well... Well... Well... u have an alien in the Alientrix, that is a ghost and i want him

(Deo): ???

(The ghost hunter): his name is Shadostro

(Deo): Who??? k

Deo transforms

(Deo): Wow cool

(The ghost hunter): Ha. wrong alien, Ghost

(Deo): Oh?

Deo copys him and turns in to him

(The ghost hunter): an other The ghost hunter???

(Deo): Yap

Deo Blasts him away and  turns back to normal

(Christie): I don't think u will have those dreams any more

(Deo): Me to



  • Deo Flame
  • Jack Recew
  • Christie Martin (First appearance)


  • The voice (First appearance)
  • the ghost hunter (First appearance)

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