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Go Away and Come Out
General Information
Species Chercacher
Home World Aratos
Alternate Counterparts Hydd and Sykk
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Go Away

Invisibility Intangibility
Come Out Clairvoyance X-Ray Vision

Voice Actor Go Away Laurie Hymes
Come Out Kyle McCarley

Go Away and Come Out are Derwin 13's Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Chercacher from the planet Aratos in the Derwin 13 Shorts.


Go Away is a large black cloak that drags on the floor. She has long black hair peeking out of the hood.

Come Out is a humaniod figure with, for lack of a better word, a bishōnen body type. He has shoulder length black hair and black markings all over.

Powers and Abilities

Their species is sexually dimorphic, with different powers for each gender. Go Away is female and Come Out is male. Derwin’s genderfluidity means she can access both genders.

Go Away can turn intangiblue and invisible. She is also immune to mana.

Come Out can see the future and through walls.


Derwin is stuck in whatever form fits the gender she identifies as.






Go Away goes away with her powers.

Come Out forces things to come out from hiding with his powers. It’s also a pun on coming out, as in revealing oneself as being LGBTQIA+.


  • This was made for Pride Month.