The Glovetrix is a machine in Izzy 10: Mistress of All Heroes that is used by Izzy to turn into aliens.


When Izzy wanted an electric glove, she tinkered with her fingerless glove, inserting wires and microchips here and there, and, somehow, DNA samples.


TheGlovetrix can turn Izzy  into aliens like:

  • Marble-Splat
  • Mouth Guy
  • Super Robot
  • Muscles Monkey
  • Phoinfra


All episodes of Izzy 10: Mistress of All Heroes


  • When put on, the Glovetrix destroys the skin underneath it overtime.
    • Thus, as it is a fingerless glove, if one takes it off, their fingers fall off.
      • Said fingers can b e reattached if theGlovetrix is put back on.
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