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General Information
Species Protost
Home World Myceto
Body Humaniod/Insectiod
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shape Shifting

Regeneration High Intelligence in Spaceships

First Appearance Adventure Nanite 10

He is Jack's character in Generator Ben Time.

Powers &Abilities[]

Just like his father, he can regenerate, shape shift and has super brains with ships. Now Gluto can shot out goo balls from the top of his head. He can spit acid and his spider-like legs give him enhanced strength.


His armor isn't very durable and can easily break. If so he will need an Antu Gravity Projector which he has always just in case but if he doesn't he is just a pile of goo that doesn't do anything. Not even breathe.


  • His father is Gluto
  • His photo is a prototype of Gluto