For all awesome might of the forms within the SpecTrix, there’s one specific asset of human culture that they could never replicate in all its deviousness! GLITTER!

Isaac Logical, Duel of the Greats

Glitter close up
Close-up of Glitter.
Vital statistics
Type Cosmetic/Irritant
Effects Aesthetic Enhancement/Irritation
Source Various Substances
Cost to buy Varies
Cost to sell Varies

Glitter is a substance comprised of many small, flat, reflective particles. It has a somewhat significant presence on Earth-83, primarily due to its unique use as an impromptu tool in combat.


Glitter can be applied to most surfaces, making them reflective and (usually) aesthetically pleasing.

If it gets in the eyes, glitter is a potent irritant capable of inflicting mild pain and intense annoyance.

Glitter is infamous for the fact that it is nearly impossible to get rid of entirely, and has been banned in several sectors of the Milky Way Galaxy due to this effect.

Notable Usage

What makes glitter particularly notable on Earth-83 is Isaac Logical's tendency to assault his opponents with bottles of the substance. Targets have ranged from the fairly powerful Warlord Kroz to the god-like Anti-Life Entity. In every instance of use, the glitter has successfully stunned and blinded the opponent long enough for Isaac to get in a hit.

It is currently unknown if there is any being completely immune to the effects of glitter.


Tech 10: Rebooted

Notable Users

  • Isaac Logical
  • Obnoxious Children
  • That One Old Lady Down the Street With a Michaels Membership and an Unhealthy Obsession With Various Crafts (You know the one)
  • Anyone in the general area once a bottle is opened nearby.

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