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Evan Billion
Season 1, Episode 27
Air date N/A
Written by AB
Directed by AB
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Glitched is the twenty-seventh episode of Evan Billion.


The inside of a laboratory was seen. There were several large tubes against the walls, with green liquid inside. Scientists were typing on computers and writing on clipboards. Suddenly, a figure appeared on top of one of the tubes. The figure ran across the tubes and jumped up. The figure grabbed the ceiling and climbed across the room. It climbed until it got above an unoccupied computer, then it dropped down from the shadows, revealing a woman wearing black spy clothing and holding a big, white tonfa.

(Scientist 1): Hey, get away from there! That computer controls all the tubes!

The woman was about to press a button, but the scientist that was closest to her grabbed her and pulled her back. Then, all the other scientists crowded around her.

(Scientist 2): Who are you?

Without speaking, the woman threw the tonfa and evaporated. Another woman that looked identical to the first woman jumped through the air and grabbed the tonfa. She pressed a button on the computer that controlled the tubes, causing doors in all the tubes to open, spilling the liquid onto the floor.

(Tonfa, in a computerized voice): ADAPTING.

The tonfa created a green suit of energy around the woman, and she safely walked through the liquid and left the building. Meanwhile, all the scientists died due to the toxicity of the liquid.

Theme song!

On top of the lab, Evan, Kevin, Rocket, Sharpoint, Delilah, Carly, the Petrosapiens, the skateboard alien, and Noblu were all waiting.

(Kevin): Why are all these guys here again?

(Evan): Carly's here to prove she'll make a good member of F.I.N.D. As for everyone else, they haven't appeared since F.I.N.D. and B.E.A.T.

(Skateboard Alien): Hey, I didn't come here to listen to your mobbed fourth-wall breaking, bro. I came to have a sick fight!

(Evan): Cool it, Ollie. We just have to wait for Nancy to come out.

The woman, Nancy, walked out of the building, wearing her energy suit. The energy suit disappeared as two wings popped out of the side of the tonfa, and Nancy started flying away. As she flew above the building, Kevin grabbed her shoulder.

(Evan): Nancy Ciborisentegbipoulos. Assassin, thief, and spy. You may've gotten away with that bank robbery last night, but you're not getting away with this mass assassination. Massassination, if you will.

Nancy flipped and kicked Kevin down. Then, she started to fly away.

(Petrosapien 1): Get her!

Everyone ran towards Nancy and tried to tackle her, but Nancy flew out of the way, causing them all to crash to the ground. After he recovered, Evan got up and transformed.

(Evan): Edibility!

Evan shot a caramel rope at Nancy and started pulling her down.

(Tonfa): ADAPTING.

A sharp boomerang shot out of the tonfa. It sliced through the caramel rope, then went back in the tonfa as Nancy continued flying away. Evan transformed again.

(Evan): MLE!

Evan tried to mind control Nancy.

(Tonfa): ADAPTING.

The handle of the tonfa quickly made a trail of metal travel up Nancy's arm. The metal reached Nancy's head and formed a helmet, making Nancy immune to mind control.

(Kevin): That tonfa makes Nancy immune to everything we can throw at her!

(Petrosapien 2): Let's see her become immune to this!

The second Petrosapien fired a whole armada of diamonds at Nancy. He made several diamonds rise from the ground, and sent them at Nancy. He summoned several more diamonds of varying sizes at Nancy from all directions.

(Carly): Ahst, no!

(Tonfa): ADAPTING.

Four structures of green energy shot out of the tonfa in different directions, resembling fan blades. The structures then spun around like a fan, sucking all the diamonds into them. The spinning stopped, then began again in the opposite direction. All the diamonds shot at Evan and the gang. It knocked them all down. Nancy flew away. Evan reverted.

(Ollie): Wow, we bailed big time.

(Delilah): Should we go after her? I mean, we can't just let her kill more people.

(Kevin): She only comes out at night, and does one thing each night. We'll try again tomorrow. But until then, we've gotta think of a way to beat that tonfa that she carries around with her.

(Ahst): I know! I'll fire a bunch of diamonds at her!

(Petrosapien 1): Yeah, that really worked well a minute ago.

(Carly): We could all attack her at once. This is just a theory, but the tonfa might not be able to adapt to several things at the same time.

(Evan): Good idea, Carly. And if this plan of yours works, you'd be guaranteed a spot in F.I.N.D.

(Noblu): So tomorrow night, we find Nancy and strike!

The next night, a construction site was shown. Nancy walked up to a podium with the blueprints for the building. Evan and everyone else were all in a nearby bush, watching Nancy.

(Evan, whispering): So on three, we'll strike.

Ahst jumped out of the bush and ran towards Nancy. He tried to punch her, but Nancy flipped over him and kicked him back.

(Evan): I didn't say three yet!

(Ahst): Hey, you just said three!

Ahst ran forward and punched the air.

(Ahst): Now I just said three!

He ran forward and punched the air again.

(Ahst): And I just said three again!

He kept punching the air. Meanwhile, everyone else ran at Nancy. Evan transformed.

(Evan): Lost and Found!

Lost shot junk while Found shot soap. Kevin absorbed the ground and swung his fist at Nancy. Noblu made some rocks green, and then launched them at Nancy. Carly shot a laser from her suit. Ollie became a skateboard and rode at Nancy. Rocket launched a ball of acid. Sharpoint and the first Petrosapien shot diamonds.


The tonfa did several things at once. It created a spinning sponge that cleaned Lost's junk and absorbed Found's soap. It created a steel ball that hurt Kevin's fist. It created a net that caught all of Noblu's rocks. It created a mirror that deflected Carly's laser. It made a green energy ramp that Ollie rode on, sending him flying. It got a steel coating that protected it from Rocket's acid. It also emitted a green energy wave that sent all the diamonds back at Evan and the gang, knocking them down.

(Evan): Diamonds again? Really?

Ollie, in his skateboard mode, rode up behind Nancy. He left his skateboard mode and got ready to hit Nancy, but Nancy evaporated, dropping her tonfa. Everyone crowded around it, and Noblu picked it up and read the print on it.

(Noblu, reading): The Adaptonfa.

Suddenly, a bunch of Nancy clones rushed towards the gang. One of them grabbed the Adaptonfa from Noblu, then kicked him down. The first Petrosapien created a bunch of large diamonds pop up from the ground, evaporating all the Nancy clones.

(Evan): Nice, Igbrac.

(Igbrac): Nice.

Another wave of Nancy clones arrived, and one of them grabbed the Adaptonfa.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

A massive hammer emerged from the Adaptonfa, and broke all the diamonds up. The Nancy clone then turned around and attacked Evan and the gang with the hammer. Ollie quickly entered his skateboard mode and rode around, moving everyone away from the hammer before it hit the ground. Ollie rolled through all the clones, evaporating them.

(Delilah): Where are all these clones coming from?

Ahst, who was still punching the air, had moved towards a tree.

(Ahst): I said three AGAIN!!!!!

Ahst punched the tree, causing the real Nancy, who was perched on top of it, to fall off. Right before she hit the ground, Nancy created a clone under her, that caught her and set her down. The clone then fetched the Adaptonfa for Nancy, and gave it to her. Nancy cloned several more times, and the clones tackled everyone and held them to the ground.

(Found): I'll attract the Adaptonfa. We can use it to defeat Nancy.

Nancy walked up to the gang, smiling, and made a blade appear from the Adaptonfa. However, Found had just started attracting it. The Adaptonfa flew to Found, but the blade went straight into his Billiontrix symbol, causing a spark of green electricity. Lost and Found suddenly merged and reverted into an unconscious Evan. One of the Nancy clones tossed the Adaptonfa back to Nancy, and then the clones carried the gang over to the side. Nancy picked up a pencil from the podium and started changing the blueprints.

(Kevin): What are you planning, Nancy?

Nancy looked up at Kevin, ignored him, and finished changing the blueprints. Wings then emerged from the Adaptonfa, and Nancy flew away.

(Igbrac): So you're just going to leave us here? Not cool.

The gang waited for a minute, and then the clones evaporated.

(Noblu): What happened? Who did that?

(Carly): Nobody did it. Nancy's clones must not be able to last too long. So at least we know one of her weaknesses.

(Kevin): As long as she's got that tonfa, she doesn't have any weaknesses.

Delilah flew over to the podium and looked at the altered blueprints. Everyone followed her.

(Delilah): Nancy changed the building plans and made it unstable. According to my calculations, it's going to collapse in five days, at 12:22 AM.

(Kevin): I didn't know you were a math prodigy.

(Delilah): Yep.

(Ollie): So what now, dudes? I was thinking we could go out for some grindage.

(Ahst): Food sounds good to me.

Later, they were all eating at Mainstream Meals, except Evan, who was sleeping outside.

(Carly): Our best strategy is just to keep following Nancy around each night until we catch her. We might not beat her, but we should definitely keep trying.

The next night, Nancy walked up to a salon that was closed. She stuck the Adaptonfa to the window.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

A buzzsaw popped out of the Adaptonfa, and Nancy used it to cut a circle in the glass. She pushed the circle down and jumped into the salon. She went into the corner.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

A spiked ball on a chain came out of the Adaptonfa, and Nancy used it to start wrecking stuff. Then, she cloned, and the clones started wrecking stuff. Evan and his team arrived at the window.

(Evan): Stop right there, Nancy!

All the Nancy clones went to the window, and grabbed everyone. Evan wriggled his way free from the clones, then went to Humanimate's hologram on the Billiontrix.

(Evan): Come on, Humanimate!

Evan transformed and became Copy-Copy.

(Evan): This isn't going to help me.

He tried to turn into Humanimate, but got SA. He tried again, and got Manymachine.

(Evan): Another accidental? What is this, band class?

(Kevin): Are you going to become something useful or not?

(Evan): Hey, I tried.

Evan generated a blaster and aimed it, but then he put it down.

(Ahst): What are you waiting for? Fire it!

(Evan): I could hurt you guys!

Evan fired several tiny jolts of electricity at the clones, evaporating them. Everyone went inside the salon.

(Evan): Okay, if this watch doesn't give me Humanimate, then it stinks.

Evan transformed and became Sound Sample. Evan got mad, punched the Billiontrix, and got Humanimate.

(Evan): Finally! I don't know what was going on before.

(Carly): ......I have a theory. Remember earlier, when you attracted the Adaptonfa with Found?

(Evan): Yeah.

(Carly): Well, the blade must've struck the Billiontrix and messed it up. Now, you can never get the alien you want. When you got Humanimate just now, it was because your punch selected some random alien that wasn't Humanimate.

(Evan): So how do we fix it?

(Kevin): We'll worry about that later. Fight Nancy now!

Evan flew towards Nancy and tried to punch her. Nancy turned the Adaptonfa into steel, and it hurt Evan's punch.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

The Adaptonfa shot a big net out and captured everyone. Ahst and Igbrac tried to cut through it, but it was too strong. Nancy then wrecked everything else in the salon. When she was finished, she flew away. Evan reverted.

(Carly): Here's our next plan: Instead of fighting Nancy, we can just undo everything she does. If she steals some money, let's take it and return it. If she breaks a vase, let's glue it back together.

(Evan): Good idea, Carly. And if this plan of yours works, you'd be guaranteed a spot in F.I.N.D.

The next night, Nancy flew into a zoo. There were two security guards roaming around.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

The Adaptonfa let out sleeping gas, and the guards went to sleep. After the sleeping gas faded away, Nancy landed and went to a giraffe cage. She held the Adaptonfa to the lock.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

A key popped out of the Adaptonfa and opened the cage.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

The Adaptonfa let out something in giraffe language, making the giraffes walk out of the cage. Next, Nancy did the same thing to a monkey cage. Nancy did this to all the animals. Meanwhile, Evan and the gang were standing on a wall of the zoo.

(Carly): Guys, remember, don't jump down until Nancy's far enough away from the zoo, or she'll see us.

Nancy left.

(Evan, when Nancy was far enough away): I'll go Feet Balled and round these guys up real fast.

Evan activated the Billiontrix, but Kevin deactivated it and grabbed it.

(Kevin): As long as your Billiontrix is still messed up, you're not going anyone. You could end up hurting the mission more than you help it.

They all climbed down the wall. Then, everyone started rounding up animals. Ollie went into his skateboard mode, and rode under the monkeys, making the monkeys step onto him. He rode into the monkey cage, and all the monkeys got off. Kevin absorbed the cage and created a metal key, which he used to lock the door. Then, Carly pulled Ollie, still in his skateboard mode, out of the cage through the bars. Igbrac made a wall of diamonds in front of the giraffes. He made a circle of diamonds that blocked the giraffes from going anywhere else except back into their cage. The giraffes went back into their cage, then Igbrac got rid of the diamonds and closed the door. Evan absorbed the cage, made a key, and locked the cage. Eventually, all the animals were locked back up.

(Evan): We did it! We beat Nancy without even fighting her!

Nancy walked up behind Evan and tapped his shoulder.

(Evan): Huh?

Evan turned around and saw Nancy. He then looked at the other Nancy, who evaporated, turning out to be a clone.

(Evan): Man, you're good.

(Ollie): The Adaptonfa's not on her, bros! Let's get her!

Nancy created A LOT of clones. The clones started beating up F.I.N.D. Meanwhile, Nancy got the Adaptonfa and flew back. She let the animals go again, and flew away. Later, F.I.N.D. was eating at Mainstream Meals again.

(Kevin): Nancy's much more powerful than we expected. We need some new tactics.

(Evan): Here are some tactics: I quit.

Commercial break.

Evan threw his food away, then left the restaurant. Delilah flew after him.

(Delilah): You can't quit now! Nancy's doing a lot of damage! Her schemes are affecting the whole city! Come back and we can talk about this.

(Evan): I said it once, and I said it again: I quit.

(Delilah): But why?

(Evan): There's absolutely no way to beat Nancy. You and everyone else can keep trying if you want, but I'm done.

(Delilah): Don't give up! We can beat her.

(Evan): No we can't! She'll adapt to every move we make. And on top of that, I can't ever get the alien I want. The odds of us beating her are one to infinity.

Evan stormed off. Delilah flew back inside the restaurant and went to Kevin.

(Delilah): Hey, Kevin?

(Kevin): Huh?

(Delilah): Where's the Book of Maneuvers, Techniques, and Moves? There's something I wanna do.

(Kevin): It's in my car. I'll fetch it for you.

Kevin got the book and gave it to Delilah.

(Delilah): Thank you.

Everyone finished their food and left. Using her wing, Delilah opened the book and turned the pages until she got to a certain page.

(Delilah, reading): The Sneaky Fox Maneuver. This maneuver can be used to steal something from someone that the person is holding.

Delilah memorized the maneuver, then left. At night, Nancy was flying through the sky when Delilah flew up to her.

(Delilah): Hey, Nancy! Let's fly down on top of that building for a second. I'm not going to attack you.

Delilah flew down and landed on a building. Reluctantly, Nancy did the same thing.

(Delilah, getting closer): So, Nancy......

Nancy made a clone behind her, and handed the clone the Adaptonfa. Delilah flew to the other side of the building, but the clone handed the Adaptonfa to Nancy. Nancy flew to the other side, and Nancy handed it to the clone. Nancy started flying to the other side again, but halfway, she turned around, so that she was facing the real Nancy, who was holding the Adaptonfa. Delilah crouched down like a fox, then flipped up and grabbed the Adaptonfa with her feet.

(Delilah): Sneaky Fox maneuver!

Delilah flew away. Nancy cloned several times, and the clones threw Nancy at Delilah. Nancy missed, and landed on a building, watching as Delilah flew away with the tonfa. Delilah flew to Kevin's car. Evan and Kevin were in it, examining the Billiontrix. Kevin pulled a magnifying glass from a compartment in the car, and a black and white beam came from the glass and shone on the Billiontrix.

(Evan): What's that?

(Kevin): X-ray magnifying glass.

Kevin looked through the Billiontrix, and saw two wires that weren't connected.

(Kevin): I see the problem here. When the Adaptonfa pierced through your watch, it disconnected the two wires that maintain your alien choices. If those two wires aren't connected, then you'll never get the alien you slam down on.

Delilah walked up to the car and knocked on the door with her wing. Kevin opened it.

(Evan): Hey, Delilah.

(Delilah, holding up the Adaptonfa): I got the Adaptonfa!

(Evan): Awesome! How'd you do it?

(Delilah): I did it by using the Sneaky Fox maneuver that I learned from the Book of Maneuvers, Techniques, and Moves.

(Kevin): Speaking of that, where is the Book of Maneuvers, Techniques, and Moves?

(Delilah): .............

Back at Mainstream Meals, Nancy walked up to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. A man that was mopping the floor walked up to the door and pointed to the "CLOSED" sign hanging from it. Ignoring that, Nancy knocked on the door. Dropping the mop and using two fingers, the man once again pointed at the "CLOSED" sign. Nancy kept knocking. The man opened the door.

(Man): I'm sorry, lady, but the-

Nancy kicked the man and knocked him out. Nancy entered the restaurant, walked to a table, and grabbed the Book of Maneuvers, Techniques, and Moves. Outside the restaurant, Kevin hurriedly drove his car into the parking lot.

(Kevin): Get out while I park the car!

Evan and Delilah leapt out of the car. Nancy exited the restaurant, saw them, and held up the book. Kevin got out of his car and joined Evan and Delilah.

(Kevin): Oh, this is bad.

Commercial break.

They were all silent for a moment. Kevin took the Adaptonfa from Delilah.

(Kevin): Look, Nancy, we'll give you the Adaptonfa back if you-

Evan covered his mouth.

(Delilah): No, don't! If she doesn't have the Adaptonfa, she's a lot weaker.

(Kevin): But she has the book!

(Evan): This tonfa is much more powerful than that book.

(Kevin): But still, that thing cost me $200.00!

(Delilah): The Adaptonfa could just be worth $2,000,000,000.00!

(Kevin): Alright, I'm convinced. Nancy, you can keep the book.

A Nancy clone snuck up behind Kevin and snatched the Adaptonfa.

(Kevin): Hey!

The clone merged with Nancy, then she started flying away, having both the tonfa and the book. The next day, Evan, Kevin, Rocket, Sharpoint, and Carly were all taking a joyride.

(Carly): You know, if nobody stops Nancy, a lot of innocent people are going to get hurt.

(Evan): But if we try again to stop Nancy, then we'll be the ones getting hurt.

(Carly): Some good old-fashioned intelligence could beat Nancy. We just need a foolproof plan. And I think I have one in mind.

(Evan): If this plan of yours works, you'd-

(Kevin/Carly): Then you'd be guaranteed a spot in F.I.N.D.

(Evan): How did you guys know what I was going to say?

That night, Nancy was flying through the sky to get to her next plot. Delilah, who was on a building, flew swiftly to her and tried to ram into her. Nancy turned the Adaptonfa into steel, and Delilah crashed into it. Using the Adaptonfa like a hammer, Nancy hit Delilah down into the building. Delilah flew up and kicked Nancy. She then flew behind Nancy and started pushing her with her feet. Delilah pushed Nancy halfway down a building, then flew away. Ollie was hanging down from a window.

(Ollie): 'Sup, betty?

Nancy shot a net from the Adaptonfa and tried to catch Ollie, but Ollie entered his skateboard mode and rolled down the building. Nancy shot a bunch of nets, but when they didn't work, the Adaptonfa activated.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

Nancy swung the Adaptonfa from right to left, created a blast wave that launched at Ollie and shattered several windows. The wave sent Ollie tumbling to the ground, where Carly was. Carly blasted Nancy. Nancy made a mirror from the Adaptonfa that deflected the laser. Carly shot a net at Nancy and caught her in it, then started pulling her. Nancy made a blade from the Adaptonfa, but not before Carly had pulled Nancy to Sharpoint. Carly jumped down from the net and onto the ground. Sharpoint generated a bunch of diamonds under Nancy, launching her into the air. Sharpoint then reached and grabbed Nancy, throwing her behind him. Nancy fired a green energy wave at Sharpoint, but Sharpoint absorbed it. Sharpoint encased Nancy in a diamond, then ran away.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

The Adaptonfa emitted an explosion that destroyed the diamond. Nancy ran after Sharpoint, but encountered Ahst and Igbrac. They fired lots of diamonds, but Nancy made a green energy wave that sent the diamonds back. Ahst controlled all the diamonds to stop in mid-air, then sent them back. Nancy tried to make a green energy wave to send the diamonds back again, but Ahst made the diamonds explode, knocking Nancy down and sending the Adaptonfa into the air. Ahst grabbed the Adaptonfa when it fell and threw it. Nancy got up and went after the Adaptonfa, but Igbrac created a diamond that launched her away. While Nancy was launched, she grabbed the Adaptonfa, and landed at Kevin's feet. Kevin had absorbed some metal.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

The Adaptonfa created a magnetic wave that sent Kevin up into the air. Kevin started swimming through the air, and Nancy followed him to make sure he didn't escape the magnetic wave. Eventually, they arrived at Noblu. Noblu made the Adaptonfa green, and made it fly to him. He turned off the magnetic wave, so Kevin dropped and left. Nancy made a bunch of clones that tackled Noblu, but Noblu levitated the Adaptonfa through the door of a half-completed building. The Nancy clones got off Noblu, and carried Nancy into the building, where Evan was, holding the Adaptonfa.

(Evan): Hey. How ya doin'?

The Nancy clones threw Nancy at Evan, then evaporated. Evan moved the Adaptonfa out of the way, so that Nancy didn't grab it. Evan then transformed into a random alien, and got Battlesuit.

(Evan): This'll work.

Evan flew up onto a beam. Nancy ran under the beam, then created a tower of clones that brought her up to the beam. Evan shocked Nancy, attracted her to him, put her on the beam, then flew through the tower of clones, destroying them. Evan flew back to the middle of the building. Nancy jumped down from the beam and made a clone to catch her. Nancy began running to Evan. Quickly, Evan pressed the Billiontrix several times, trying to get the right alien. He turned into Absorbo, Flat, Absorbo, Combinationer, Sportacus, Feet Balled, SA, Glider, Stunner, Feet Balled, Carton, Feet Balled, Emotion, and Upside Up. Nancy got closer. Evan became Edibility, Sound Sample, Flat, Edibility, Copy-Copy, Combinationer, and NME. Nancy was only a yard away. Evan became Crablaster, Useless, and then Humanimate. When Nancy was a foot away, the building started shaking. Nancy stopped.

(Evan): Adapt to this, sucker!

Nancy snatched the Adaptonfa, then the building collapsed.

(Adaptonfa): ADAPTING.

When the building finished collapsing, Evan emerged from the rubble, reverted, and completely fine. Everyone else walked up to him.

(Evan): I finally got the one alien that could survive the collapse: Humanimate. He has intangibility.

(Carly): Where's Nancy?

Ahst sorted through the rubble, but didn't see her.

(Delilah): She got away.

(Noblu): But she dropped something!

Noblu picked up a tiny chip and showed it to everyone else.

(Evan): What is it?

Kevin examined it.

(Kevin): It's a Marson's chip. These things are useful for several things, such as being a key element for...adapting. It must've come out of the Adaptonfa when everything was falling on it. Without this chip, the Adaptonfa doesn't work anymore.

(Igbrac, picking up the Book of Maneuvers, Techniques, and Moves): That's not the only thing she dropped.

(Evan): So Kevin, what are you going to do with that chip? Put it in your car, maybe?

(Kevin): Here's what I'm going to do with it.

Kevin threw the Marson's chip onto the ground, breaking it.

(Evan): But...but...

(Kevin): I'm about tired of all this adapting.

(Ollie): So what's next with the Billiontrix?

(Carly): Evan, try to turn into an alien.

Evan went to the Feet Balled hologram, and turned into Feet Balled. He reverted back.

(Carly): My plan worked! The rubble not only knocked the chip out of the Adaptonfa, but it also reconnected the two wires in the Billiontrix.

(Ollie): This was a sick ending. Carly joined F.I.N.D., Nancy dropped her stuff, and Evan's rigged Billiontrix isn't rigged anymore. Now, let us all go grab some more grindage at Mainstream Meals.

They all left, except Evan.

(Ahst): You coming?

(Evan): Yeah, just a second.

Evan picked up most of the pieces of the Marson's chip, put them in his pocket, and left. The next day, a figure walked up to the remaining pieces and sucked them into a vacuum-like device.




  • Nancy Ciborisentegbipoulos
  • Unknown Figure

Aliens Used

  • Edibility x2 (second time was accidental transformation)
  • MLE
  • Lost and Found
  • Copy-Copy x2 (accidental transformations; selected alien first time was Humanimate)
  • SA x2 (accidental transformations; selected alien first time was Humanimate)
  • Manymachine (accidental transformation; selected alien was Humanimate)
  • Sound Sample x2 (accidental transformation; selected alien first time was Humanimate)
  • Humanimate x2 (accidental transformations)
  • Battlesuit (accidental transformation)
  • Absorbo x2 (accidental transformations)
  • Flat x2 (accidental transformations)
  • Combinationer x2 (accidental transformations)
  • Sportacus (accidental transformation)
  • Feet Balled x4 (first three times were accidental transformations)
  • Glider (accidental transformation)
  • Stunner (accidental transformation)
  • Carton (accidental transformation)
  • Emotion (accidental transformation)
  • Upside Up (accidental transformation)
  • NME (accidental transformation)
  • Crablaster (accidental transformation)
  • Useless (accidental transformation)


  • This episode breaks the Evan Billion record for most different aliens transformed into, with 22 different aliens transformed into, and also the most times an alien was transformed into, with 32 different times.
  • Like the episode before it, this episode is longer than most.